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January 28, 2019
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Downed trees or limbs, dead trees, overgrown shrubs, or stumps are dangerous to property owners and their property. Dealing with these issues should be left to professionals who will deal with the problem safely. The professionals of Los Gatos Tree Leaders have all the equipment needed to safely remove dead trees whether they are down or not. They also can safely trim branches and shrubs or remove stumps. They're working on becoming the go-to resource for tree services in Los Gatos, CA.

Grace Tuckera of Los Gatos Tree Leaders says, “We give free estimates on our services that way the homeowner knows up front how much it will cost for the job. A tree falling during a storm can cause extreme damage to property and people our services helps the homeowner keep themselves and their own and neighbors property safe.”

Los Gatos Tree Leaders offer several services which include free estimates and those services are tree removal, tree trimming, emergency tree services, and stump removing or grinding.

Tree trimming and pruning, if done improperly, can cause damage and disease to the tree. The damaged and diseased trees can become a major problem as limbs become weak it’s possible a strong wind can bring them down. If the tree begins rotting on the inside then during a major storm the tree can topple on to other trees, power lines, automobiles, and even one of the houses around it.

Grace Tuckera states, “All this property damage will cost a great deal of money to the homeowner’s insurance and the homeowner themselves as they may see their home owner’s insurance premiums rise. The way to prevent this is to have trimming and pruning done by the professionals at Los Gatos Tree Leaders. In fact, we not only do trimming and tree removal but also yard cleanup.”

Normally if a homeowner is looking for a tree service they will open the yellow pages or use a search engine to see how many tree services are close by and what the prices are. This map of their tree services in Los Gatos shows the area served, the phone number and the hours for Los Gatos Tree Service who gives free estimates so the homeowner can have them come look at the tree and know what the charge will be.

Grace Tuckera says, “Trees are an important part of the community as they help make the home look good but also helps the environment by providing oxygen which is why it is important to take good care of your trees. Trees which are not trimmed can overgrow the electrical and cable lines causing issues of power and cable outages. They also can become rotten or diseased from overgrowth too which makes them a potential hazard waiting to happen. To make sure the trees on the property are maintained call Los Gatos Tree Leaders, we know exactly how to trim and prune trees to keep them healthy and beautiful.”

One thing Los Gatos Tree Leaders offer is prompt service. It is important when a homeowner has a dangerous situation with a tree that is ready to fall or emergency service needed due to a storm that the tree service be prompt not only in replying but getting the job done safely and quickly. Los Gatos Tree Leaders can accomplish the task promptly and safely with reasonable rates and a free estimate.

Stumps can also be dangerous and become home to insects and termites. Homeowners should have stumps removed so they are not a hazard during lawn mowing or children playing. Removal also prevents various harmful insects from making a home in the stump which can later cause damage to the property.

Grace Tuckera states, “The homeowner does not have to worry about removal of limbs, trees, or stumps if Los Gatos Tree Leaders are hired for the job. The Tree Leaders do the whole job including removal of the branches, logs, or stump. Our professionals will always treat you and your property with the respect and care you deserve. Visit us at”

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Los Gatos Tree Leades provides top notch tree services to the Los Gatos and surrounding communities.

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