Los Gatos Tree Leaders Announces Prompt Tree Service in Los Gatos, California

January 08, 2019
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Grace Tuckera of Los Gatos Tree Leaders announces that prompt tree services in Los Gatos, California are now available. Los Gatos Tree Leaders has been serving the local community for over 25 years with their tree trimming and tree removal services. With recent weather problems, loose branches have become dangerous to homes, cars, and especially people.

When approached about this announcement, Grace had this comment to share, “We’ve added prompt tree service to our list of services because we understand that tree emergencies become increasingly dangerous as time goes on. We’ve noticed that homeowners will try to solve the problem themselves and due to lack of proper knowledge and equipment, end up causing damage to their property or even themselves. We encourage homeowners to contact us about our quick tree services before trying to trim it or remove it themselves.”

Los Gatos Tree Leaders offers many different tree services on their website. Included in these services is basic tree trimming, tree removal, stump removal, stump grinding, and emergency tree services. They always offer a free estimate before contracting the service, allowing the homeowner to consider their options without an investment upfront. If homeowners and property owners would like contact local tree leaders they can find their service area and more with this map of Los Gatos tree service coverage in the San Francisco Bay area.

Marie West, a Los Gatos Resident, shared a review of the service she received, “A large branch had fallen only 2 inches from my car while I was sitting in it. That was my wake-up call. I called Los Gatos Tree Leaders and explained what had happened. They sent someone out right away to assess my problem and gave me an estimate for the services. I was happy to schedule the appointment immediately to prevent any damage. I was so grateful for their speed in the matter.”

Grace Tuckera of Los Gatos Tree Leaders also added to her comment, pressing the importance of another issue: property appearance and value. She mentioned that when trees are properly managed, their branches will become loose or even mangled. In many cases, branches will fall and land on other branches, which is as unsightly as it is dangerous, especially for larger branches. She also commented that properly managed trees will improve the look of the property and ultimately increase its value.

Thomas Guarda was happy to comment on the Los Gatos Tree Leaders service he received, “I felt like my property needed refreshing. When I had first bought my house 10 years ago, the landscaping was beautiful and the trees were impressive. I wasn’t knowledgeable on the maintenance required to keep it that way, and over time, the property had lost its luster. I called Los Gatos Tree Leaders to take care of the tree trimming while I tried to manage the rest of the landscaping myself as a pet project. They were done with the tree trimming service before I had a chance to start on the landscaping, and I have to say, the tree trimming alone improved the appearance of my property.”

Los Gatos Tree Leaders can also assist with commercial properties on a maintenance schedule. With commercial properties, it is even more important and valuable to keep trees and landscaping maintained. Trees that are improperly managed can be a danger to property residents or patrons. But also, poorly managed trees can be an eyesore, negatively impacting patron experience. To learn more about Los Gatos Tree Leaders services, visit this their press releases here: https://www.pressadvantage.com/organization/los-gatos-tree-leaders.

Tony Ryder, a business owner in Los Gatos, hired Los Gatos Tree Leaders for their tree removal services. “A tree on the property had died and was losing branches left and right. One landed on my customer’s car, so that was an expensive venture. I decided to have the tree removed right away to prevent any further damage to my property or my customer’s properties. They came out quickly and took care of the problem. I am very happy about the service I received from Los Gatos Tree Leaders.”

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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