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Regenerative Medicine Treatments Announced By Source Of Health

October 03, 2018
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Source of Health in Scottsdale, Arizona, has announced a new healing therapy for patients. The natural medical center states that they are now providing dextrose prolotherapy, which is a natural solution that triggers the body to heal its own damaged ligaments, cartilage and tendons.

Dr. Steven Sorr, the physician with the clinic, says, "It's important to understand that prolotherapy is not simply another cortisone steroid shot. This natural injection helps those who suffer from chronic pain and the therapy is safe and effective for a number of injuries."

Dr. Sorr says that those who are looking for long-term relief of pain should contact his office to learn more about this new treatment method. He states that those who have been through conventional pain management and not received the relief they have sought should take a look at prolotherapy. Dr. Sorr and his team offer a complimentary consultation to see if patients are a good candidate for the treatment method.

"These healing therapies have helped so many people to achieve real and lasting relief from their chronic pain or injuries," says Dr. Sorr. "If you are suffering from pain due to a sports injury, a fall, an accident or a chronic condition such as degenerative disc disease, we want you to schedule a consultation and come in and learn more about this therapy that could help you experience real relief from that pain."

Dr. Sorr says that prolotherapy has helped many patients to live normal lives in spite of their injuries or disease that typically cause pain. He states that the therapy is easy and effective and perfectly safe for patients. Those who are interested should contact the office to learn more.

Regenerative injection therapies have been proven to effectively treat pain from degenerative joint disease, osteoarthritis, sports injuries, ligament laxity, hypermobility, sciatica, hip pain, knee tears, and many other issues. Dr. Sorr states that this therapy can be used for any area of the body to treat pain from tears, sprains, strains or disease.

Prolotherapy plus ozone is a form of oxygen therapy treatment. Ozone is an oxygen type that is typically used in medical treatments and has been used for decades in the United States and Europe. Prolozone or prolotherapy plus ozone is a treatment method where ozone is injected into the joints and around them in patients who have chronic and acute levels of pain. The injection releases growth factors that help to stimulate damaged joints, as well as ligaments and tendons, to regenerate. This treatment has been proven to be very effective in reducing or eliminating chronic pain because it acts on pain receptors in the brain.

Dr. Sorr says that the mission of Source of Health is to provide quality patient-centered care that focuses more on natural therapies for pain relief. In addition, the clinic provides body contouring, aesthetics and anti-aging treatments that are also naturally focused. Dr. Sorr says that he and his team will work with patients and provide a number of services in addition to their therapies, which include postural therapy, nutritional and lifestyle prescriptions and more. Procedures are done in the office to make it more convenient for patients.

Dr. Steven Sorr is a recognized natural medical professional. He has been regularly featured on local media and has been a keynote speaker for many venues where he shares his expertise as well as his passion for living a healthier lifestyle, without the need for surgery or pharmaceuticals. He is a licensed naturopathic medical doctor and has received advanced training in prolotherapy as well as regenerative medicine, functional medicine, and bioidentical hormone replacement. Dr. Sorr has been practicing the art of yoga since 2000 and began teaching yoga in 2007. He says that this helps him to focus on healthy alignment, posture, and joint health. Dr. Steven Sorr holds a faculty position at Sutra Studios Yoga Teacher Training program where he teaches physiology, alignment, and anatomy.

Dr. Sorr received a doctoral degree from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences from Arizona State University and prior to that, he received an Associate of Business Management degree from SCC. He has been trained as a French chef when studying at Le Cordon Bleu in Scottsdale Arizona and prior to becoming a physician, he received his Associate in Culinary Arts and Science degree.

Dr. Sorr and his team state that they welcome patients who want to learn more about their new methods of natural treatment for acute and chronic pain. Those who are interested can read more on their website or contact the clinic directly to schedule a consultation.

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