Source of Health Releases New Video On PRP Injection Therapy

January 10, 2019
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Regenerative and functional medicine has grown in popularity as more and more people are beginning to understand alternative treatments for their health concerns. Examples include regenerative stem cell therapy, prolotherapy, prp injections, hormone replacement therapy, and IV infusions. These treatments focus on rejuvenating the body back to its optimal performance without drugs or surgery. Dr. Steven Sorr, located in Scottsdale, AZ, is dedicated to providing these services for his patients. His latest video on Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy dives deeper into this sought after therapy for soft tissue injuries such as tendons, ligaments, muscles, and joints.

A recent online article from HealthDay explains this relatively new treatment. According to the American Association of Orthopedic Medicine, PRP therapy begins with a simple blood draw. Platelets from the blood are separated out and then injected back into the body at the point of injury as treatment. This process helps jumpstart the body’s stem cells to repair itself. The association notes that tissue repair following a PRP injection has been shown via ultrasound and MRI images, within a few weeks or months. Common ailments that have benefited from this type of therapy include osteoarthritis of major joints such as the knee, hip, and shoulder; rotator cuff tears; and ACL injuries.

Dr. Sorr utilizes naturopathic treatments for more than joint concerns. The regenerative medicine his practice focuses on is also popular for dermatological issues. With treatments designed to help the body repair damaged cells, tissues, and organs, it’s no wonder that the skin - the body’s largest organ - has become a source of interest. Scar reduction, hair loss, and anti-aging treatments are all part of the services addressed by the experts.

Regenerative aesthetics as a whole is beginning to grow in popularity. The appeal lies in the practice of helping patients not only look and feel younger but actually to stimulate reversal of some of the processes of aging and undo their visible effects on the skin and body. Among many other treatments, collagen and elastin within the skin can be boosted to give women and men a more youthful appearance.

With the release of his latest video, Dr. Sorr provides more insight into his practice’s therapies and the benefits of naturopathic medicine. It is clear that he is confident in the body’s ability to restore itself, which is a core pillar of naturopathic medicine as a whole. As opposed to allopathic medicine, this method encourages self-healing without invasive procedures or long-term medications. Having used PRP injections for his own back injury, he shows his vote of confidence to all patients.

Google reviews give Dr. Steven Sorr and his practice much praise for these therapies. A recent review from Claudette R. says, “When I walked into Source of Health I immediately felt comfortable. The staff was inviting and friendly as was Dr. Sorr. He listened to what I had to say and devised a plan that ultimately helped me feel better. I was having hormonal issues with hair loss and weight gain and Dr. Sorr helped balance my hormone levels. So much happier now!”

To help ease patients into the benefits of regenerative and functional medicine offered by Source of Health, Dr. Sorr offers a free consultation to all patients beginning their health journey. Gale S. from Google notes the practice’s commitment to each patient: “...I have seen a number of doctors in my life dealing with chronic pain and all they ever did was take out their prescription pad. I feel like Dr. Sorr was the only doctor who truly listened to me. He did the testing to uncover the root causes of my pain. He helped me change my diet for the better and through the consistent use of his nutritional IV's I'm no longer in pain.” Each client consultation is designed to further understand each patient’s individual concerns and listen to their desired outcomes in order to create a customized plan.

“Thank you so much for visiting Source of Health. We are committed to achieving a higher standard of care by providing safe and effective treatments utilizing functional and regenerative medicine so that our community can forgo the reliance on drugs or surgery and live to experience abundant health and wellness,” Dr. Steven Sorr says.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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