Naturopathic Doctor Offers Free Consultation In Scottsdale, Arizona

January 03, 2019
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Scottsdale, Arizona based Source of Health medical center is a state-of-the-art medical facility that provides a comfortable and caring atmosphere to patients looking for naturopathic forms of treatment. Steven Sorr, founding partner and highly experienced Naturopathic Doctor in Scottsdale, provides free consultations to people willing to explore alternative medicine and treatment through all-natural means.

The medical center offers a blend of modern technology, along with ancient techniques and wisdom to cure common ailments that typically require the use of medicinal drugs or painkillers to keep symptoms at bay. According to Source of Health, such methods are only temporary, and there is a need to address the root cause through natural means.

“Our mission is to provide high-quality, patient-centered, care focusing on natural therapies for pain relief, anti-aging, body contouring, and aesthetics. In addition to in-office procedures, postural therapy, nutritional and lifestyle prescriptions are given to empower patients to be their own best healer,” reads the mission statement on Source of Health's website. Naturopathic medical doctors combine the research and advancements of modern technology and science with the ancient techniques and wisdom of nature. It is the naturopathic physician’s role to identify and remove obstacles to health so that the individual can maximize their innate potential for wellness. This high level of healthcare is tailored to meet your specific needs. Instead of a ‘pill for every ill,’ our patients get the time and attention they need to achieve radiant health.”

Due to the small number of naturopathic doctors available, as compared to allopathic ones, naturopathic practitioners often charge hefty fees for their services. Dr. Steven Sorr, on the other hand, offers free consultations to his patients. The business, in general, charges very reasonable prices for all kinds of treatment plans.

The company and Dr. Steven Sorr were recently nominated for the Best Alternative Medicine category in the Best of Our Valley Awards, at the Valley of the Sun, Phoenix, it was presented by the Arizona Foothills Magazine. They offer a wide range of treatment and restoration programs that patients can opt for at very low costs while enjoying comfortable and high-quality healthcare.

Naturotherapy typically involves non-invasive forms of treatment for conditions that would otherwise require surgery. Source of Health provides non-invasive treatment for skin tightening, fat reduction, facial rejuvenation, hair loss restoration, botox, and dermal filling, and so on. The center also employs highly advanced treatment methods such as Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) injections for joint recovery, stem cell therapy, dextrose prolotherapy, hormone replacement therapy, and more.

The treatment plans and therapies offered at Source of Health have been greatly appreciated by patients. "Dr. Steven Sorr stands out in a sea of mediocrity when it comes to physicians, considering both conventional and naturopathic doctors,” writes Russ C., giving the center a 5-star review. “He shines like a beacon for a lot of reasons, but the most important to me is because he cares. He cares about my health and spends time listening to me and asking probing questions to get to the root of what my issue is. I have a chronic lower back issue and the therapies and treatments he has used on me have made a tremendous positive difference in how I function from day to day. I looked into every doctor in Scottsdale and Phoenix and chose Dr. Sorr based on that research. I'm very glad I did. He uses regenerative medicine that helps the body heal naturally. I don't believe in synthetic drugs, and this aligns with Dr. Sorr's philosophy. If you are suffering and have any kind of pain, do yourself a favor and make an appointment to see Dr. Sorr, you won't regret it!"

Dr. Steven Sorr is a highly recognized physician who focuses on joint health, alignment, and posture. Being a licensed naturopathic medical doctor with advanced training in regenerative medicine, bioidentical hormone replacement, and functional medicine, he brings a diverse skill-set and a wealth of experience to the organization.

Source of Health is located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Patients can either visit the center or call in and set up an appointment with Dr. Sorr or another physician. The medical center also has a website,, where patients can set up appointments or get more information regarding the treatment programs and therapies offered.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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About Source of Health:

Source Of Health uses functional and regenerative medicine such as; stem cell therapy, PRP injections, prolotherapy, IV infusions, and hormone replacement therapy to help you heal naturally using our holistic approach.

Contact Source of Health:

Dr. Steven Sorr
Source Of Health
9755 N. 90th St Suite A110
Scottsdale, AZ 85258


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