An Oasis Of Healing Announces Treatment Alternatives For Cancer

October 01, 2018
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An Oasis of Healing in Mesa, Arizona, has announced that they are offering different types of treatments and therapies to help those in the healing journey to reach the road towards health restoration. The integrative medical and healing facility states that they offer a number of alternative treatments for cancer that have proven to be very effective and says that they are looking forward to helping new patients in the near future.

Clothilde Canale, a spokesperson for the clinic, says, "We are here to help provide alternative cancer treatments. Not all conventional treatments are going to work for all patients. We take a individual approach to care and support."

The clinic states that they offer integrative medical therapies that help patients and their families reestablish their health after their cancer diagnosis. The company says that they incorporate alternative and conventional medical services along with nutritional products, natural healing modalities and a unique educational program to inspire their patients to regain their health.

"At An Oasis of Healing, we believe that health is a natural condition and a right that everyone has," says Canale. "The closer you get to nature, the better off you will be, and we focus on that concept to help you to regain your optimal health."

The clinic states that their goal is to inspire those who have been diagnosed with this terminal illness into taking back their health and they do so through a number of holistic treatment alternatives for cancer. Canale says that the body knows how to be healthy and that the health of the body is energy, while the health of the mind is joy. The clinic believes that everyone should be an example of how health should be manifested in the human body.

An Oasis of Healing is an Arizona cancer center that opened in February 2006. The clinic started by offering those who were diagnosed with cancer the knowledge and experience needed to seek alternative methods of treatment that do not include standard methods of treatment such as chemotherapy and radiation. Their alternative treatments are derived from years of experience in Japan, Mexico, Europe, and the United States in treating and healing this disease.

The clinic says that diseases, as well as health, are earned and that neither can be "caught" by walking down the street or passing someone with the disease. They are the consequences of a lifestyle and sometimes those consequences are good and sometimes they are bad. The clinic helps patients to overcome their symptoms, which are the telltale signs of disease and helps them determine the root cause of the health issue. Canale says that the clinic addresses the diagnosis as well as the cause of that diagnosis in order to treat patients all over.

Thomas Lodi, MD(H), FICT, DAARFM, CNS is the founder of the clinic. Dr. Lodi has been practicing medicine for nearly 30 years and prior to attending medical school, he has worked as a clinical psychologist. During this time, he was the director of psychological services for a facility in Hawaii. Upon graduating from the University of Hawaii's School of Medicine in 1985, Dr. Lodi served as a visiting Clinical Fellow at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons in NYC. He underwent his training in internal medicine while in New York City and between 1991 and 1996, he acted as the Clinical Instructor of Medicine at the University of Hawaii School of Medicine.

Dr. Lodi worked in a conventional setting during the first 10 years of his career, as an internal medicine specialist and an urgent care physician. Since that time and after continuing his search for a less toxic treatment of cancer, Dr. Lodi has now narrowed his focus to integrative oncology. He maintains memberships in both alternative and conventional medical professional associations so that he can remain current on all areas of oncology. He is currently a licensed Homeopathic Medical Doctor in Arizona and an Allopathic Medical Doctor in New York State. He has completed a fellowship in Integrative Cancer Therapies as well as Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Functional Medicine and he currently sits on the board for Immunogenic Research Foundation Scientific Advisories as well as the Medical Advisory Board for Elka Best Foundation.

Dr. Lodi states that his purpose is to help those who have been diagnosed with cancer to find alternative healing therapies that are more effective than traditional treatments. Those who are interested in learning more about the clinic or Dr. Lodi or who are interested in scheduling a consultation can visit them on their official website to learn more.

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About An Oasis of Healing:

An Oasis of Healing is an integrative healing center that specializes in alternative cancer treatment utilizing intravenous treatments that target cancer and enhance the immune system.

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Clothilde Canale
An Oasis of Healing
210 N Center St #102
Mesa, AZ 85201


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