Another Grateful Client's Testimonial for the Holistic Cancer Treatment Center

November 07, 2018
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Mesa, Arizona-based An Oasis of Healing has received another testimonial from a very grateful client. The client Russ Curran wrote this testimonial after Dr. Lodi helped his mother to recover from her recent treatment for colon cancer.

There are many patient reviews on the An Oasis of Healing’s website, all of which are very positive. The patient reviews display the wide variety of strengths that the company possesses and prides itself on having.

Russ Curran, who has expressed the most recent review at the time of writing, wrote his An Oasis of Healing testimonial on the business’s page on Google Maps. He says, “When we arrived at their center in Mesa, AZ, my mother was overweight, on blood pressure medication. She had fluid in her ankles and was on pills for that and had arthritis in her hips and was taking Advil constantly. Then came the colon cancer diagnosis.

“The moment we walked into An Oasis of Healing, we all felt a part of a warm caring family. Everything was explained in detail on what each week would consist of for my mother. The amazing thing I personally witnessed was watching my mother get better with each passing day. Every week there, I saw a noticeable improvement in my Mom's condition of health.

“At the end of 8 weeks at An Oasis of Healing my mother had lost close to 50 pounds. She no longer had high blood pressure and was off her medication. She no longer had fluid in her ankles and arthritis in her hips vanished. After a PET scan, it showed the tumor was no longer there and my Mom went home healed from colon cancer.

“All the Nurses and staff were friendly and caring and nicknamed my mother ‘Sunshine’, so sweet. I highly recommend An Oasis of Healing for anyone dealing with any kind of cancer.”

In response to the overwhelmingly positive feedback left by Russ Curran about the way his mother was looked after, Dr. Lodi (the lead doctor on his mother’s case) produced a statement. Dr. Lodi says, “My job requires long hours, often working with patients that aren’t in the best emotional place. It can be very upsetting sometimes, feeling like the patients just don’t appreciate all our hard work. Therefore, when a patient or one of their family members say how much they are grateful for what we accomplish on a daily basis, it means a lot and reminds me of why I love what I do so much. I hope that people will see Russ Curran’s testimonial and know that we are the place to go for cancer treatment as our staff is caring, experienced and professional.”

The An Oasis of Healing website describes the company as “an integrative medical and healing facility utilizing alternative cancer treatments that help patients and their families learn to re-establish health after having been diagnosed with cancer. By incorporating alternative and conventional medical services, natural healing modalities, high-quality nutritional products, and a unique educational and training program, we inspire patients to regain their birthright, health.” They have been running their cancer center since it opened its doors in February of 2006.

The An Oasis of Healing describes how the company views and treats cancer. It says, “the conditions that lead to the development of cancer (are not a mystery). If a person is to start on a path of becoming cancer free they first need to stop what they were doing that lead to the cancer development (for example smoking cigarettes, eating processed foods) and secondly, they need to make sure that healthy cells are being produced. A simpler way to put it is they need to learn to stop making cancer. Your full participation is critical to healing from cancer. At An Oasis Of Healing, patients will learn how to stop making cancer through training, education, and study. The notion of being passive while being treated here must be discarded and in its place focus on coming to our healing center with the commitment to learn how to recover your vitality and vigor and the bliss of health.”

The benefit of holistic cancer treatment centers, like An Oasis of Healing is that “more often than not, conventional medicine’s ‘war’ against cancer can become too strenuous for a patient, as even the healthy cells are attacked, thus causing the immune system to be weaker. It’s a double-edged sword that further devastates patients and their families. And it’s a dilemma that holistic cancer treatment centers, like An Oasis of Healing, are trying to eliminate.”

More about the work An Oasis of Healing undertakes can be found on their website at, along with more helpful information on their programs in a commitment-free download of their brochure. There is also a contact page to get in touch the company through many methods.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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