37in Door Draft Stopper Available in Two New Colors

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Monika's Marketplace gained popularity as a company in Sanford, FL, that offers a beautiful and highly functional 37in under door draft blocker. Now that winter is once again around the corner, the company has re-released the door draft stopper, in three new and exciting colors. The door draft stopper also comes with a storage bag with draw cord, which has been very positively received by the company's many customers.

A customer service representative from Monika's Marketplace says: "We're very happy to see that people are enjoying the changes that we have made for the product. After consulting with a focus group, we decided to release this year's door draft stopper in a new shade of brownbrown, a sage green, and we have our original brown suede, and we're very happy to see that people have appreciated this."

One of the key reasons why people seem to like the new colors is because they are neutral. Earth tones like brown and green match with virtually any interior decor, which means the draft stopper never stands out in a negative manner. In addition, what they seem to have enjoyed even more, is the storage bag with cord. Thanks to this bag, people can keep their door draft blocker in the cupboard, securely hanging it up so that it is ready for the next season.

The representative adds: "Our draft stopper isn't only suitable for winter, where it will prevent warm air from escaping. It can also be used in the summer, when it can stop air conditioned air from getting out of the room. Either way, it helps to make rooms more comfortable, reduce energy consumption and energy bills, and even help protect the environment by reducing the amount of fossil fuels that are used."

Indeed, many customers who purchased the product last year, have used it as a breeze blocker during the summer. This is a testament to the quality of the product as well. Each product is hand made, measures 37" in length and weighs 1.4lbs. Heavy duty cloths are used in covering the draft stopper, which further ensures its quality and durability. The representative says: "Now that it also comes with a storage bag, these door stoppers will probably last a lifetime."

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About Monika’s Marketplace :

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