Cover For Food In Microwave Now Ranked As #1

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Sanford, FL business Monika's Marketplace is proud to announce that they now rank #1 on Amazon when people search for cover for food in microwave. This product is designed to fit regular dinner plates and its primary purpose is to prevent splatters from the food while being heated in the microwave oven. It can also be used to keep the food warm or to release steam through a vent.

A representative from Monika's Marketplace says: "Our vented microwave food cover and splatter guard has been a best selling item on Amazon for some time. It is now ranked #1 on the marketplace, which really is a testament of the product's overall quality. We encourage those who are registered as affiliates with Amazon to take a look at it in particular."

The cover for food in microwave has received many positive reviews. In fact, it has 730 reviews on Amazon alone and currently is a 4.3 star item, which is exceptionally high for a product that has received such number of reviews. People hail it for ease of use and effectiveness, and also for its multi-functionality and more.

"This is a great microwave lid with adjustable top vent. Fits over most of my dinner plates perfectly and protects my microwave from exploding beans etc. It's not good to heat up food in plastic containers so being able to put it on a microwave safe plate or bowl and use this lid is great. Definitely on my must have kitchen gadget list...," says an Amazon customer. People have also been impressed with Monika's Marketplace's attention to customer service. Furthermore, some of the great reviews for their cover for food in microwave have been left in other third party locations. Some customers have even left in depth video reviews, in which they demonstrate the cover in action.

The Monika's Marketplace representative adds: "We are really happy to see that our cover is becoming ever more popular. We have been dedicated from day one to create something that people could rely on and that would work for their needs. We have thought of every detail in our cover, which is what our customers expect from us."

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