Monika's Marketplace Re-Releases Door Draft Stopper

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Monika's Marketplace is a business in Sanford, FL, that gained so much popularity last year with the release of its door draft stoppers that they were consistently sold out. With that in mind, they've prepared with additional inventory this upcoming winter season. Furthermore, these draft stoppers are now also available in three different styles and colors, and they've kept the popular storage bag with hanging cord.

A spokesperson for Monika's Marketplace says: "Due to the popularity of our door draft stopper last year, we have decided to release it again this year, but this time with a few more style options. Plus, because so many of our customers still have their door stopper, proving just how durable these products are, we've continued to include the storage bag with hanging cord. We're happy to see that people are happy with these additions."

There has been great feedback on both the actually door draft stopper and the storage bag. "I bought 2 of these and they are very well made and have cloth storage bags as well. They are 37 inches long so no gaps and the ends are weighted to stay put...," says an Amazon customer. Similarly, the fact that they are now available in different styles has also been welcomed by customers, with some even referring to the door stoppers as "pretty cute". Mainly, people have been praising the product quality and efficiency.

This is precisely what Monika's Marketplace aimed to achieve when they originally released the draft stopper. The spokesperson adds: "When you use an HVAC system, whether to provide warm air during the winter or cool air during the summer, you use a whole lot of energy. Much of that energy is wasted through drafts under the door. Not only does this mean that people have higher energy bills than necessary, but they also have a bigger carbon footprint. We aim to help people avoid that."

The draft stopper for doors is now available in suede brown, sage green, and shiny brown pattern. It is listed exclusively on Amazon, where it has received in excess of 300 different reviews.

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About Monika’s Marketplace :

Monika’s Marketplace is a top retailer on that offers a variety of high quality products from baby products, kitchen gadgets and home essentials.

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Monika’s Marketplace

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