Slow Feed Cat Bowl Designed By Veterinarians For Efficient Pet Feeding

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Cat Bowl

Durham, DH - Simply Pets Online has recently released a new product to assist pet owners. The product named slow feed cat bowl is geared towards slowing down the feeding time of pets. The product was designed by veterinarians who have first hand experience on what is best for pets.

The slow feed cat bowl having been designed by veterinarians is noted by Simply Pet Online to be an efficient slow feeding bowl. According to the company, the team of veterinarians that designed the cat bowl are active in the industry and have over 30 years’ experience between them.

The veterinarians stated, “we are in the front line of seeing the increasing obesity in all our pets and the resultant ill health and reduced life spans. So we decided to do something about it. This bowl will help to restore your cat’s natural eating habits so that meal times become fun, healthy and above all slower eating as nature intended.”

The team of veterinarians involved in producing the slow feed cat bowl felt their product could assist in tackling the problem of overweight pets. According to them, the slow feeder cat bowl would help pets who gulp down their food, eat far too quickly, regurgitate, overeat and generally have poor eating habits.

“We have extensively tested the bowl, evolving the design until we felt it was an optimal compromise between slowing down eating but not being too frustrating, We have seen many bowls that either did not work or were very hard to use. We think every cat should be fed out of a slow feeding bowl,” commented the veterinarians from Simply Pets Online.

These sentiments have been endorsed by eager customers of the product. For example, M. Ringo stated in a review online, “This is a great food bowl. My cats have stopped throwing up all their food because they can no longer eat so fast.”

The slow feed cat bowl is a product sold exclusively on the number one online shopping marketplace, Amazon. Simply Pets Online offers a discount of 10% off the order total if three slow feed cat bowls are bought. The customer can access this discount when the code OQD65QAQ is entered at checkout.

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