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Slow Feed Cat Bowl Effectively Helps Pets To Take Their Time At Mealtime

February 16, 2016
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Cat Bowl

Durham, DH - Pets tend to get excited during mealtime and end up wolfing down their food. This practice can cause a set of gastrointestinal ailments. Simply Pets Online have produced a new product that should assist with this problem. It is called Slow Feed Cat Bowl and is made available on the number one online marketplace, Amazon.

According to the website, pets can have serious ailments from eating food too quickly. The website claimed that, “inhaling a meal too quickly can cause your pet to experience an upset stomach, excessive gas, indigestion or vomiting. In the worst cases, especially in large chested dogs they may bloat, which is a serious medical condition that requires immediate treatment.” recommended portioning pets food or adding an obstacle in the meal to slow down their eating. Additionally, they suggested slow feeders. According to the, “there are many ready-made slow-feeder products that are great for fast-eating dogs. Slow-feeder dishes are specially designed with raised partitions, domes or other obstacles in the bowl, forcing your dog to maneuver his food out. And, not only will an obstacle course slow down meal-time, these dishes can be a great way to keep your dog’s mind sharp.”

The slow feed cat bowl from Simply Pets Online is manufactured with raised partitions throughout the bowl that keep pets, both dogs and cats, preoccupied during meal time. The shape and design of the slow feeder ensures that pets take their time and don’t rush eating.

The slow feed cat bowl is designed for pets by veterinarians. That means it is very likely to be more effective at spacing out the meal of a dog or cat and will be professional grade. The feeder bowl is both FDA and LFGB certified. This causes the bowl to be recognized as the highest in standard for both the United States and European markets.

The slow feed cat bowl is made from materials that are safe for pets as well as eco friendly. The feeder bowl is made from bamboo fiber and rice husk. These are natural plant sources that make it biodegradable. Within about five years, the product can easily degrade unlike plastic or metal based pet products that takes thousands of years to become waste matter in nature.

The product is made exclusively available for online shoppers on The purchaser of two slow feed cat bowls can access a discount of 5% from their order total. All they have to do is simply enter the code LVD8TQAW at checkout to receive the discount.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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