FreshBI Launches Innovative Tools to Enable Salesforce To Power BI Integration and Enhance BI Capabilities

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FreshBI, an exceptional data dashboard specialist known for creating tailored data dashboard solutions, is thrilled to introduce two new offerings — a Power BI custom connector explicitly designed for Xero Accounting and a Power BI Template App tailored for Salesforce to Power BI integration.

With a history of proactively developing advanced resolutions and contemporary methods to address assorted business data challenges, FreshBI is a dedicated Microsoft Silver Partner that offers a range of business intelligence services. Their offerings help businesses distil their complicated data landscape.

Their new product, the Power BI custom connector for Xero Accounting, is engineered to simplify the arduous task of financial data integration and consolidation for businesses, especially those within the small to mid-size range. "FreshBI consistently concentrates on innovating practical solutions to help businesses struggling with data integration issues. The release of a custom connector for Xero Accounting provides further evidence of this endeavour," clarified FreshBI's CEO, Craig Juta.

More than just presenting financial data, the custom connector provides customizable financial reporting, thereby enhancing the Power BI for accountants toolbox. It simplifies tasks that usually need significant resources, promoting efficient and accurate financial reports.

Their other product launch includes a Power BI Template App catered exclusively towards easy Salesforce to Power BI data mining. This innovative template reflects FreshBI's understanding of the unique data requirements for businesses using Salesforce. It's a comprehensive, intelligently designed data solution that allows easy access to crucial Sales Pipeline insights.

"Our Power BI Template App created for Salesforce to Power BI integration will definitely alleviate various obstacles businesses may face during their data exploration process," said Juta. This new template offers broad key performance indicators (KPIs) immediately, providing executives with a clear overview of the pipeline's total monetary value, win rate of all activity, the total number of deals closed in the previous six months, and projected sales.

Apart from new services directed at Salesforce to Power BI integration and Power BI for accountants, FreshBI also offers diverse services, including aiding businesses with pocket dashboard creation, strategy formulation, personalized consultation, and training services. Their objective is to equip businesses with tools that can make routine data management tasks more streamlined and less burdensome. Services such as the Pocket Dashboard, Plug-and-Play Financial Dashboard, and custom Business Workflow solutions are designed to cater to the specific needs of businesses aiming for efficiency and data-driven decisions.

High-profile clients, including Intel, the BC Government, and AIG can vouch for the expertise and commitment FreshBI provides. They have successfully established their dominant presence in the field by offering comprehensive, superior solutions to assorted data needs.

"We understand today's data-centric world can be complex. We're dedicated not just to offering raw data, but also insights that businesses can interpret and use to make informed decisions. This is the principle we stand by and the service we deliver," Juta concluded.

Businesses struggling with data management matters or those interested in the new offerings are invited to visit FreshBI's website. The company also welcomes inquiries through email at or by phone or text at (210) 294-9125. They look forward to demonstrating how their existing and new services can streamline any business's data exploration journey and convert raw data into actionable insights.

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A boutique Microsoft Partner, FreshBI uses Power BI to unlock the value trapped in your data so that your business can succeed.

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