FreshBI's BI Consultants Are Helping Businesses Visualize Their Progress With Power BI Dashboards

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FreshBI is building beautiful dashboards using Microsoft PowerBI for businesses looking to leverage their data for actionable insights.

The company’s BI consultants work with private, as well as public, companies to understand their data analytics challenges and create custom PowerBI dashboards that are fine-tuned to answer the most pressing business questions they might have. As a Microsoft Silver Partner, the boutique firm unlocks the flexibility and functionality of PowerBI to deliver solutions that not only give stakeholders the ability to adapt their business to rapid short-term changes but also stand the test of time.

“Working with FreshBI is as easy and straightforward as it gets,” says the company’s CEO Craig Juta. “Start with a complimentary 60-minute Data Strategy Session where we will assist you in constructing a strong strategy and roadmap to attain data success. By utilizing our proven Data Success Blueprint, we align people, processes, and technology to facilitate agile data transformation, ensuring that your organization is headed in the right direction. Soon, you will have the business analytics setup you need to respond to an ever-changing market and come out on top, regardless of which way the wind is blowing.”

FreshBI’s BI dashboards for tech companies also include several plug-and-play dashboards that are ready to be integrated with their reporting systems and display key metrics in a format that is succinct and engaging. As its website says, “You shouldn’t need a master’s in Excel to look at your P&L,” the financial dashboard is meticulously designed to breathe life into the client’s P&L, balance sheet, and income statement. The template is fully adaptable and can be easily modified or expanded upon by any PowerBI developer to suit specific business needs.

The company also releases monthly pocket dashboards that capture one aspect of a business and help clients reach their goals. They offer instant insights to improve productivity in a wide range of business contexts. For example, its pocket dashboard for November, the Cash Runway Wizard, helps businesses visualize their working cash capital runway, accounts payable and receivable, purchase orders and invoices, and payroll and other cash expenses.

“Your business’s future hinges on you quickly responding to market forces,” says Craig Juta. “With up-to-date and visually appealing dashboards, you get the tools you need to confidently make the right decisions for your employees and your business. FreshBI offers all of this with no expensive long-term contracts and no-strings-attached ownership.”

FreshBI has been time and time again praised for delivering exceptional reporting and decision-making dashboards through its tried and tested processes. Apart from the wonderful reception it has received on its Google Business Profile, where it has a perfect 5.0 out of 5.0 overall rating from over 10 reviews, the company also highlights several case studies on its website where it exceeded the client’s expectations and was thanked profusely.

For example, while working with Intel, FreshBI's Sprint Cycle offering, combined with the advanced data modeling and analysis capabilities of PowerBI, helped Intel Corporation create the modern platform required for making critical decisions about its investment in Research and Development.

Trevor Denham, the Decision Facilitator at Intel, thanked FreshBI by saying, “FreshBI was a wonderful partner as we were experimenting with new ways to use Microsoft PowerBI. The FreshBI partner service and acumen were exceptional as they expertly pulled together our data sources. The Sprint Cycle model worked as advertised and provided us with the needed flexibility we required.”

The company also highlights a case study from AIG, the finance and insurance corporation, where Managing Director Kenneth Lo praised FreshBI for its help by saying, “In a short period of time FreshBI was able to come up to speed on our project and made some very insightful recommendations. The training sessions were well organized and gave us an in-depth overview of PowerBI along with very useful examples.”

Those who are interested in BI tools can check out the FreshBI website or contact them on the phone at (210) 294-9125 or by email at

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About FreshBI :

A boutique Microsoft Partner, FreshBI uses Power BI to unlock the value trapped in your data so that your business can succeed.

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