Fleet Cost & Care Revolutionises Industry With Centralized Fleet Management Software

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Detroit, MI based Fleet Cost & Care is taking steps to bring their industry-changing centralized fleet management software to more businesses and organizations. The company’s software provides a way for businesses to deploy, monitor and generally manage their fleets.

According to Fleet Cost & Care, the software platform combines all the expertise of a seasoned fleet management consulting firm with the best that modern technology has to offer to deliver a virtual fleet management experience that few can match. Fleet Cost & Care is excited to have a hand in revolutionizing how companies manage their vehicle fleets, and the team looks forward to seeing the positive effect their software has on the efficiency with which fleets are managed.

“Spreadsheets, both hard copies and virtual, are a thing of the past now,” says a company representative. “Today, our centralized fleet management systems are shattering the limitations of traditional fleet management. Our software represents more than just a computerized method of fleet management, it represents a paradigm shift. Imagine every truck, van — even that dusty forklift in the corner — being managed by a centralized system.”

Any large group of work vehicles that is used with any sort of regularity requires efficient fleet management to run properly. Fleet Cost & Care is one of the top providers of fleet management services in and around Detroit. The company’s team of management consultants oversees all fleet operations and analyzes the data in order to ensure that all aspects of transportation continue to run smoothly. Fleet Cost & Care can cover every aspect of fleet management, as per the client’s needs.

One of the many ways in which the fleet management consulting company helps businesses is by keeping track of their fuel spending, which is a crucial part of any data-driven approach to fuel management. Fleet Cost & Care uses the data gathered (by keeping track of how much fuel is used by their client’s fleet each week) to make better, more informed decisions. Minimizing fuel usage, picking out more efficient routes and adjusting how fuel is allocated can greatly reduce costs and thus increase profits.

In addition to fuel consumption, Fleet Cost & Care’s centralized fleet management software collects valuable trip data. Geographic Information Systems allows the user to collect and analyze data about each unique trip, which can then be used to make weekly, monthly or quarterly reports. These reports are then analyzed rigorously to produce actionable steps a company can take to increase the efficiency with which their fleet of vehicles is deployed.

The software can be used to record more than just routes taken and fuel used, it can also be used to document and act on abstract information, such as driver behavior. All companies prefer drivers that have all the necessary licensing and certifications to perform their job (along with a spotless safety record). Fleet Cost & Care allows department heads to track the behavior of their drivers and thus ensure that everyone continues to perform at their very best.

Driver behavior can refer to any of a wide variety of statistics, including adherence to traffic laws, rate of negative incidents and even fuel consumption. Different drivers handle their vehicles differently and thus consume fuel and wear down vehicles at different rates. Lower-risk drivers, in addition to being less likely to get involved in accidents, also cost less to insure. By taking all this into account, companies can make sure to hire better drivers and deploy goods more reliably.

A number of companies that have worked with Fleet Cost & Care have glowing reviews on various platforms. One review shares, “Everytime we have dealt with tech support or a rep, we have never had an issue from solving the problem to giving us options on how to improve what we use or could use. Once it has been set up and customized to your industry, it is an indispensable product. Without this, you are wasting both time and money.”

The review also has advice for new clients. It explains, “Set up is what takes the longest to use. you can use the ‘canned’ options giving, but we decided to customize it to our specific needs. Yes, [this takes] more time but [is] worth it, which then brings us to the tech support, which is great. Should we come across a problem, it has been answered, if not within a few minutes, within 24 hours.”

Learn more about the fleet consultants on their website. Fleet Cost & Care is also active on social media.

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About Fleet Cost & Care :

Fleet Cost & Care offers the most comprehensive fleet management software & mobile app on the market. Serving customers worldwide since 1993, we help heavy equipment rental companies simplify and systemize their day-to-day operations.

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