Fleet Management Software from Fleet Cost & Care Is More than Just a Dispatch Software

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Fleet Cost & Care, a fleet management consulting company based in Detroit, MI, wants to emphasize that the fleet management software they offer is more than just a dispatch software. They provide the only comprehensive fleet operations system available because renting heavy equipment involves more than just dispatching heavy equipment and scheduling jobs. Through their NexGen software, fleet operations and staff are empowered to work more smoothly, with minimal problems and interruptions to ensure an efficient and profitable business.

The fleet management software they offer is for all sizes of companies that want to streamline quotes and perform maintenance, scheduling, accounting, and more. Jeff Curran, President of Fleet Cost & Care, says, “Our fleet management software helps heavy equipment rental companies simplify and systemize their day-to-day operations. From quoting and scheduling jobs through to invoicing customers and executing payroll, the Fleet Cost & Care system is capable of handling your heavy equipment operations from start to finish. Reduce time spent on administrative tasks, increase time spent on jobs that generate revenue. Get paid faster. Help your employees work smarter.”

The fleet management software provided by Fleet Cost & Care offers several benefits. First of all, it can allow the business to get rid of standalone systems, thus, allowing them to enhance data accuracy, save time, and boost profit margins. By simplifying how the work is done, productivity is increased in all departments. Second, their comprehensive fleet management technology allows the fleet managers and field workers to produce quotes, enter work orders, schedule and monitor jobs, provide safety inspections, enter payroll data, and more. This can be done from any type of computing device, such as desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Third, it allows comprehensive reporting and forecasting. This allows fleet management executives to make smart decisions and also share insights throughout the organization. The fleet management system offers a suite of reports, dashboards, and forecasting tools that serve as the most powerful component of the system. The system’s database can be integrated with Microsoft Power BI to allow users to visualize their data through interactive live dashboards.

Fourth, the Fleet Cost & Care team is made up of industry experts including dispatchers, accountants, and service department managers. Meanwhile, their leadership group has decades of ongoing experience in fleet ownership at the JJ Curran Crane Company.

Meanwhile, they can also provide fleet management consultants who have the capability to oversee fleet operations and examine the data to ensure that all vehicles will be used efficiently to minimize costs and ensure that all aspects of the operation will be running trouble-free. They can help minimize fuel costs by carefully monitoring the amount of fuel used daily, allowing managers to make more informed decisions. For instance, if excessive fuel usage is observed at particular days of the week, it may be a good idea to find other routes to reduce fuel expenses.

By carefully monitoring the trip data gathered, those areas that are most frequently traveled can be identified. Geographic information systems (GIS) may be used to construct maps and analyze the data, which can provide weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports. The fleet management consultant can ensure that the appropriate geographical data is examined carefully and thoroughly.

Launched in 1993, Fleet Cost & Care was founded by the owners of the JJ Curran Crane Company when they decided to focus on fleet software technology. Jeff Curran’s goal in establishing this company was to create a centralized software that can help boost a company’s revenue and minimize costs for fleet owners. The company introduced its first fleet management system in 1996 that has several capabilities, such as scheduling, invoicing, and preventative maintenance. Later on, they introduced more features such as reporting capability. In 2007, they launched their next generation of fleet management software, which is NexGen. They also created a mobile app, which is Atom.

Those who are interested in learning more about the fleet management software and consultants can check out the Fleet Cost & Care website or contact them on the telephone or through email.

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About Fleet Cost & Care :

Fleet Cost & Care offers the most comprehensive fleet management software & mobile app on the market. Serving customers worldwide since 1993, we help heavy equipment rental companies simplify and systemize their day-to-day operations.

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