Pinnacle Peak Examines Drugs That Cause Blackouts

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Scottsdale, AZ – Pinnacle Peak recently posted a blog examining drugs that cause blackouts. Their dedicated team consists of masters-level licensed therapists as well as compassionate support staff. In their blogs, they highlight different subjects surrounding substances and substance use disorder.

“A blackout is when a person experiences a loss of consciousness. It can also involve the time before passing out, which is usually accompanied by memory loss. It’s important to note that blackouts aren’t always drug-related. They can happen from things like low blood sugar or a sudden drop in blood pressure. If you often experience blackouts, especially outside of drug use, it’s important to talk with a medical professional about it to make sure something more serious isn’t occurring,” the article states.

When the brain isn’t getting the amount of oxygen it should, the risk of a blackout increases. This can happen for different reasons, such as low blood pressure causing a lack of the proper amount of blood to the brain, to alcohol and other drugs impeding the bloodstream. If too much alcohol or other substances are going to the brain, it can become overwhelmed, leading to memory loss and unconsciousness.

Having high levels of alcohol or other substances in the body can lead to them being in the brain. This is due to the liver only being able to process so much at once. Any remaining substance in the body still waiting to be processed can start to become more noticeable in the bloodstream and eventually travel up to the brain. High levels of toxins in the brain have been shown to impact memory. This can be anything from short-term memory loss to long-term symptoms like confusion and difficulty remembering things. Blackouts linked with substance use often have a memory loss component to them. Frequent blackouts from substance use can lead to long-term memory loss and memory problems.

“Benzodiazepines, commonly known just as benzos, are known to have the potential side effect of difficulty with memory. Benzos are a prescription medication that is primarily utilized for anxiety, seizures, and sleep disorders. They’re depressants, meaning they slow down the body. Because of this, when taken in high doses, benzos can lead to unconsciousness. This is far more likely when they’re combined with other substances such as alcohol,” the article continues.

Alcohol is one of the most common reasons behind blackouts. Often when searching for what blackouts are, many find results revolve just around alcohol-related blackouts. Blackouts from alcohol use are more likely to occur when drinking a lot of alcohol at once or when drinking alcohol without eating or drinking water. Eating and hydrating properly, as well as drinking alcohol in moderation, can help reduce the risk of blackouts.

Pinnacle Peak is a leading provider of addiction treatment in Scottsdale, Arizona. Their facility boasts a family feel, and integrates family into the treatment process in a comfortable environment. After their clients finish the Pinnacle Peak proven process, if they return to use within the first year, they may return to the facility for 30 days of residential care. This is at no cost to the client or their families. The team at Pinnacle Peak is well-versed in evidence-based practices, and puts full confidence behind their proven process.

For those wanting to learn more about Pinnacle Peak, call 866-377-4761 or visit their website.

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