Pinnacle Peak Recovery Explains How You Can Move Past Relapse

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Pinnacle Peak Recovery, an alcohol and drug rehab facility in Scottsdale, AZ, has recently posted an article on its website that explains what an alcoholic relapse is. A relapse means the individual has gone back to alcohol after they have decided to stop drinking. It usually includes returning to the same level of use that was observed before treatment or intervention.

It is important to note that one reason for relapse is the presence of a mental health disorder in the patient who is also managing an alcohol use disorder. “Mental health and substance use can often go hand in hand. This can stem both from untreated mental health causing a person to rely on substance use to self-medicate, or a mental illness developing as a result of substance use. Sometimes, the situations that originate from substance use can also contribute to a mental health disorder. Because of this, a person’s mental health can also be a contributing factor to relapse," the article states.

When a particular individual is managing substance use as well as a mental health disorder, this is known as a co-occurring disorder. Such individuals may have been drinking alcohol to help them get rid of their feelings of depression, which means they have been trying to self-medicate. They could also have developed a mental illness due to a history of substance use and its side effects. After completing treatment, the patient can get reminded of the drinks they usually consumed to fight the feelings of depression, these moments or memories are often known as triggers. This could tempt the individual to take a sip of alcohol, which could cause the person to return to their drinking habits.

There are three stages of alcoholic relapse. The emotional stage is when the individual starts to have those feelings that may lead to a relapse. This part of the relapse usually involves the person withdrawing from those things they’ve started to do again, such as old hobbies. It may include not attending family events or meetings related to recovery. These feelings may also be related to anxiety, stress, depression, and more. These are the feelings that the individual had tried to cope with by drinking alcohol. Thus, in essence, these feelings are a trigger of alcohol use.

The second stage is the mental stage when the individual begins thinking of ways to justify drinking. For instance, the individual can state that it will only be for that one night, or because the person is on vacation, drinking a little may be justified. These thoughts quickly lead to the physical stage of the alcoholic relapse. This is the stage when the individual drinks alcohol again, usually at the same level they had been drinking before the treatment.

Fortunately, a relapse doesn’t mean the person involved will have to start all over again. For some, this might mean getting out of their current environment to avoid triggers. For others, this could mean taking part in a more structured outpatient treatment program where the individual has to meet with certain people on a regular basis. The experts at the Pinnacle Peak facility are ready to help individuals who have experienced an alcoholic relapse and want to get back on track toward recovery.

Established in 2015, Pinnacle Peak Recovery provides inpatient and intensive outpatient treatment services in Scottsdale, Arizona, using nationally recognized and evidence-based treatment methods for helping people manage alcohol or substance use disorders. They employ a holistic and extensive strategy to assist people in overcoming their addiction and co-occurring mental health concerns. The therapy is provided in a supportive, confidential, and safe environment and they always utilize a dual diagnosis treatment approach for their patients.

Those who would are interested in the drug and alcohol rehab services offered by Pinnacle Peak Recovery can visit their website or contact them at 866-377-4761. They can be contacted 24 hours a day, on any day of the week.

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