STEVENS Engineers & Constructors Presents Some Examples of Civil Construction

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Middleburg Heights, Ohio -

STEVENS Engineers & Constructors, a company based in Middleburg Hts, OH, has recently published a blog post that provides examples of civil construction projects. Some of the most frequent civil construction projects are: the construction of bridges, the construction of roadways, the construction of railroads, and the stabilization or widening projects for canals and rivers. Other examples of civil construction projects are the building of: wastewater treatment plants; holding tanks; settlement ponds; dams and their corresponding reservoir tanks or lakes; airports, ports, and other major transportation hubs; and earthwork projects such as reshaping flood-prone areas, building new levees, and capping landfills.

A spokesperson for STEVENS Engineers & Constructors explains, “Civil construction is the creation of infrastructure involving water, earth, or transportation systems. Instead of another branch of construction, civil construction projects are typically classified under the umbrella of civil engineering. This is because of the extensive planning and coordination required between various engineers and design specialists before construction can begin. It is a branch of civil engineering, and civil projects can also be considered civil engineering projects. These projects involve the maintenance, design, and construction of natural and physically built environments.”

These natural and physically built environments can include airports, bridges, subdivisions, tunnels, roads, sewer systems, buildings, railways, dams, and water reservoirs. Contractors bidding on civil projects should have the experience and knowledge in grading, access rights, public impact, erosion control, legal regulations, and more.

Meanwhile, civil construction engineers perform a number of important tasks in civil construction projects. Typical tasks for these engineers include: complying with the set procedures by local authorities, the government, or clients when planning, building, and maintaining infrastructure; tendering the contracts and hiring contractors; creating cost estimates and contracts; developing infrastructure plans to be approved by local authorities and governing bodies; studying, examining, and investigating land and construction sites suitable for infrastructure; liaising with clients, governments, and other professionals; and supervising and monitoring the ongoing construction to make sure it is compliant with the plan.

Various kinds of careers are involved in the civil construction industry. These include: civil engineers, structural engineers, geotechnical engineers, transport engineers, surveyors, site managers, demolition staff, road markers, concreters, welders, environmental engineers, rollers, dump truck operators, project managers, civil laborers, traffic management, electricians, compactors, loaders, construction management, excavator staff, and steel fixers.

The spokesperson says, “As your single source solution, STEVENS has the civil engineers that can handle your civil construction project, as well as a team to be able to build and complete the project on schedule, on budget, and up to the specific local codes. To see how STEVENS can help with your civil construction project, don’t hesitate to contact our office.”

Founded in 1970, STEVENS Engineers & Constructors has over 75 years of experience in providing high quality construction services. The company started as STEVENS Painton Corporation in February 1970 after Stevens Construction, which was launched in 1919, merged with Eddie Painton and Associates, which was established in 1915. STEVENS Painton was a highway bridge contractor and an excavation services provider that delivers their services primarily to wastewater treatment plants. Over the years, they gradually shifted towards heavy industrial construction. The company acquired CDMG in 1991 and added industrial engineering as one of their services. In 2009, the company became STEVENS Engineers & Constructors, Inc., which is a company that provides earthwork, demolition, heavy rigging, civil concrete, and excavation services. They also offer structural steel erection, mechanical equipment setting and alignment, construction management and plant maintenance, and shutdown and turnaround services.

STEVENS Engineers & Constructors is located in Middleburg Heights, Ohio and has offices south of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in Canonsburg and in Hobart Indiana section. They work primarily in Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Indiana, Maryland, West Virginia, and Kentucky. Sometimes, they also accept projects outside of this area to work on specific projects as requested by a client.

Those who are interested in civil and industrial construction services can visit the STEVENS Engineers & Constructors website or contact them through the telephone or via email.

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STEVENS Engineers and Constructors provides complete industrial construction services from our office in Middleburg Heights, Oh near Cleveland. We offer high-quality design, build, and management services to industrial customers across the United States.

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