STEVENS Engineers & Constructors Shed Light On The Pre Engineered Metal Building

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Middleburg Heights, Ohio -

STEVENS Engineers & Constructors, an industrial construction and engineering firm based in Middleburg Heights, Ohio, is sharing insights on the benefits of the pre engineered metal building. The company encourages interested parties to get in touch today if they would like to learn more or receive a more personalized consultation.

As a business grows, it may need more space to accommodate any expanded operations. If a company is located in an existing wood-frame building, it is usually very difficult to expand the space. However, if its leadership had the foresight to situate operations in a steel building, it is very easy to expand the space. STEVENS says there are many other reasons why investing in pre-made metal buildings is a good idea.

Reasons for choosing a pre-made building over a traditional building include shorter construction times, floor plan flexibility, energy efficiency, ease of maintenance, versatility, customization, durability and affordability. Since steel buildings are pre-engineered, construction time is much faster. This means that all parts of the steel building arrive at the same time. There are no construction delays, unlike the construction of existing buildings (which are stopped pending certain components).

Ease of maintenance is another important reason to choose prefab steel buildings. Traditional wood frame structures require a lot of maintenance due to exposure to weather conditions and pests. Similarly, wooden frames are fragile and should be inspected and repaired if damaged. Steel, on the other hand, is a strong and durable material that requires minimal maintenance.

Another important advantage of metal building erection is that floor plans can be changed easily. This is easy to do because retaining walls are not needed. A builder can easily adjust the layout of different rooms and offices without disrupting the necessary changes to the floor plan. Finished steel buildings are also more energy efficient. Insulated steel buildings can significantly reduce energy costs by blocking heat transfer. This not only helps the company save money, but also gives it a reputation for being environmentally friendly.

Another factor is that construction costs are much lower for metal buildings compared to traditional buildings. Metal buildings are universal because they can accommodate all types of businesses — even houses can be made of steel. In addition, steel buildings can be easily customized to suit a company's exact requirements. Clients can customize the design, dimensions, side panels, roof style, exterior trim and color. Accessories such as lights, panels, garage doors and windows are also available.

Finally, the strength of steel buildings is difficult to match. Steel has a much higher strength-to-weight ratio than other building materials. This makes special steel buildings much more resistant to tornadoes, hail, blizzards and hurricanes than traditional buildings.

"We are proud to have you on our team," says Vicki Anderson, President and CEO of STEVENS Engineers & Constructors. “We are committed to providing exceptional personal service to every customer we serve and to differentiating ourselves in the marketplace. "We strive to offer a variety of services while ensuring the highest standards for every project.”

Anderson continues, “Our building systems team will design the turnkey metal building, perform site and excavation work and erect the metal building once the construction phase is ready to begin. By using advanced design systems and engineering construction firms, we can provide construction solutions tailored to your needs for prefab metal construction projects.”

A blog post on the company website also highlights the right steps to erect a pre engineered metal building. The first step in a successful steel building project is to properly prepare and install the foundation. Most precast steel suppliers will provide drawings and information for locating and installing anchor bolts. It is best to work with an experienced foundation contractor to ensure that the slab is positioned correctly and that the anchor bolts are in the correct location. The main frame of the steel structure consists of I-beam columns and main trusses.

All steel cores are welded, pre-cut and pre-drilled for easy installation. These are the heaviest and strongest pieces of steel that are put together and attached to the foundation. After installing the frame, the additional elements may be attached to the main frame. Once the frame is complete, insulation and coverings for the walls and roof can be installed. It is advisable to begin the installation with wall coverings first. The cover can be attached to the subframe using self-drilling fasteners.

Once the walls are complete, work can begin on the roof panels, followed by the installation of downspouts. Weatherproofing is important because it helps prevent water leaks into the building. The blog post also provides more guidelines on what to do and what to avoid during construction.

Those interested in learning more about pre-made metal buildings can visit the STEVENS Engineers & Constructors website or contact them by phone or email.

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About STEVENS Engineers & Constructors :

STEVENS Engineers and Constructors provides complete industrial construction services from our office in Middleburg Heights, Oh near Cleveland. We offer high-quality design, build, and management services to industrial customers across the United States.

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