From the Red Carpet to the Front Lines: Celebrities Champion Veteran Mental Health in Groundbreaking DVEN Initiative

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Hollywood, California: The Hollywood Celebrity Community Responds to the Call to Help Reduce Veteran Suicide

In an inspiring display of solidarity, the Disabled Veteran Empowerment Network (DVEN) has partnered with Hollywood's finest to launch a heartwarming campaign aimed at preventing veteran suicide.

Drivers at the 2023 Top Dog Championships for Veteran Suicide Prevention

This initiative showcases a series of 30-second video public service announcements by renowned celebrities, aimed at destigmatizing mental health issues, especially those related to PTSD. Each video highlights the struggles faced by America’s veterans, concluding with the resonant campaign slogan, “We Rally for Vets.”

Tragically, 18 to 20 veterans and service personnel succumb to suicide each day, a rate alarmingly higher than that of the general population. Depression and PTSD are significant contributors to this crisis. The veterans' community, much like the world of entertainment, often experiences isolation and emotional stress, whether from combat training or the high-pressure environment of a movie set.

The veterans' community and the Hollywood celebrity community share a unique bond in their experiences of isolation and public scrutiny. Both operate in environments that are far from ordinary, where the stakes are high, and the emotional toll can be immense. This shared understanding has fostered a deep empathy within the celebrity community for the challenges faced by veterans, inspiring their involvement in this vital campaign.

Social isolation, a critical issue for many veterans, is characterized by a longing for interaction but hindered by a lack of comfort, trust, or safety. The leading causes of suicide among veterans include traumatic events such as combat exposure, sexual trauma, traumatic brain injury, and survivor’s guilt. The inability to reintegrate into civilian life further exacerbates this isolation.

The DVEN “Rally for Vets” suicide prevention campaign, running from December 2023 to December 2024, is a testament to the power of unity and compassion. It is inspired by the annual Rally4Vets Top Dog motorsports championships, where the motorsports community actively participates in reducing the veteran suicide toll by raising awareness and supporting vital veteran programs.

DVEN CEO Robert Hess expresses profound gratitude to the celebrities involved: “Almost 20 veterans take their lives every day, but it doesn’t have to be this way. It just takes a community coming together, and paying attention to those under emotional stress. We can’t thank these celebrities enough for lending their voices to this important campaign. Each of us can “Be The One” to save a veteran's life. We invite everyone to join this noble effort at”

The celebrity videos can be viewed on the Rally4Vets website at Rally4Vets Suicide Awareness. Viewers are encouraged to express their gratitude to these celebrities on social media using the hashtag #IRally4Vets.

DVEN/Rally4Vets has a full range of opportunities for people to contribute to the campaign, from participating in events to that all-important role - volunteering! Full details are on the Rally4Vets website at the Events Tab.

About Rally4Vets

Rally4Vets, an initiative of DVEN (, is committed to organizing motorsport events that raise awareness of veteran issues while generating funds for essential veteran programs. Under the leadership of Robert Hess, a passionate advocate for disabled veterans, Rally4Vets has been instrumental in creating meaningful interventions in the motorsport world.

Connect with Mr. Hess on LinkedIn:

For more information about Rally4Vets, including upcoming events and sponsorship opportunities, visit Mark your calendars for the 4th inaugural Top Dog Championships at Summit Point Motorsports Park on October 12, 2024.

Media Contact:

Tiffany Vaughn

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About Rally4Vets :

Rally4Vets creates motorsports events to increase awareness of veteran issues and generate funds to support veteran suicide prevention.

Contact Rally4Vets:

Robert Hess

840 Apollo Street
Suite 100
El Segundo, CA 90264


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