Unlock Dramatically Improved Search Relevance with Cutting-Edge Language Modeling Techniques

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Fort Worth, Texas -

Jordan P. Fowler, SEO and founder of full-service digital marketing agency Moon and Owl, has published a new article revealing how advancements in natural language processing and linguistic analysis are poised to transform the capabilities of search engines. The 13,000-word report provides one of the most comprehensive overviews to date on the potential of modern AI to decode semantic meaning and revolutionize information retrieval relevance.

"This paper demonstrates how search technology is rapidly moving beyond just matching keywords to actually comprehending the underlying knowledge and intent encoded in language," said Fowler, who in addition to leading Moon and Owl is an influential strategist on the best content creation practices for SEO. "By embracing innovations from the forefront of machine learning research, search stands to achieve unprecedented intelligence in connecting people to information."

Titled "Beyond Keywords: Understanding 63 Language Models to Improve Search Engine Results", the study explains each model from dependency parsing to sentiment analysis and provides potential implementation tactics to optimize for each model. By integrating and expanding upon the potential tactics, sites may be rewarded in the future by search engines thanks to advances in artificial intelligence. According to Fowler, these methods will enable search algorithms to evaluate pages based on meaning versus simplistic word matching, resulting in more perceptive ranking, recommendation, and query understanding.

"Search engines that can model semantics, entities, syntax, concepts and more in text will better grasp the true relevance of content to what users are seeking," Fowler said. "This necessitates that content creators also look beyond keywords to focus on communicating knowledge in a way aligned with advanced language comprehension."

Fowler advises SEO professionals and website owners to optimize for machine-readable expertise, sentiment, and clarity as search continues evolving beyond its reliance on keywords. "The informed application of linguistics and NLP has immense potential to improve search utility, coherence, and overall intelligence," Fowler stated. "This transformation will require both search companies and content publishers to adapt to a new paradigm focused on language modeling - not just attracting links and matching keywords."

An example of one model uncovered in the article is as follows:

Pertainymy Analysis (Relational Adjectives)

This looks at relational adjectives that link entities, like “atomic” in “atomic physics”. For example, the pertainym “culinary” relates to cooking.

Analyzing pertainyms, or relational adjectives that characterize types of connections between entities, provides useful signals regarding key relationships and properties described on webpages. Pertainyms compactly encode contextual attributes and semantics. For example, phrases like “atomic physics” and “criminal lawyer” efficiently convey domain associations. Identifying pertinent adjective modifiers enables better comprehension of entity relations mentioned in text. Comparing pertainym co-occurrence patterns also informs similarity assessments between pages based on shared relational phrases. Overall pertains provide a concise lexical lens into semantic associations.

Practical Examples:

Recognizing domain-specific pertainyms signals key topics and contexts.
Indexing pages by shared pertains enables discovery across lexical variations.
Expanding queries with pertinent synonyms matches more subtle semantic relations.
Assessing the density and centrality of pertainyms identifies core relations and properties.

Three Potential Actionable SEO Ideas

Supplement nouns with pertinent adjectives characterizing relationships, properties, and attributes that add specifying context.
Provide a glossary enumerating definitions for niche adjectives tailored to industry/topic semantics.
Enhance site search with filters or facets using domain-salient pertainyms to refine results by relational attributes.

The full study of all models is available for download on the Moon and Owl website at Jordan P. Fowler is available for interview by reporters seeking expanded commentary on the implications of NLP research and AI for the future of SEO and online findability.

About Moon and Owl Marketing

Moon and Owl is based in Fort Worth, TX, and provides content marketing, organic search engine optimization, paid digital marketing, and web design + development services for regional and national clients. Founder Jordan P. Fowler is a respected thinker on systematic content creation methods that show empathy towards the reader and target the necessary elements for improved search performance. The agency's mantra is Empathy-Fueled Marketing is the Pathway to Loyal Customers.

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