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Moon and Owl Marketing Reports on the LASIK SEO Audit They Did for a Practice to Offer a Lesson to Other Practices

February 24, 2022
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Fort Worth, Texas -

Moon and Owl Marketing, a full-service digital marketing agency based in Fort Worth, TX, is happy to announce that they are offering a free SEO audit and describes the LASIK SEO audit that they did for a certain ophthalmology practice. They believe that businesses can learn from the SEO audit that they performed and be able to avoid getting tricked into getting the services of an SEO agency that is not really capable of providing an effective SEO service. The audit case study allows LASIK practice owners and managers a framework for evaluating their own site with an application question for each graded section. The agency is offering free, 30-minute mini-SEO-audits for any LASIK practice wondering how their SEO is performing.

The SEO agency for the ophthalmology practice claimed to be doing “ongoing SEO” on the website. Unfortunately, the LASIK practice didn’t really know what is being done, how well it is functioning, and what is the revenue return for those SEO activities.

With regards to brand appearance score, the LASIK practice’s SEO was given a grade of B minus. This score indicates how effective is the SEO effort is in informing potential clients how they can benefit from the practice, what the practice actually does, and the site visitor’s aesthetic impression of the brand. While the practice had an attractive website with a good benefit statement, it is not mentioned what they do as a service. Furthermore, a Google search indicated the practice to be an optometrist because the practice’s agency had never modified the home page title tag.

With regards to traffic and ranking score, the grade given was a D minus. It was observed that the LASIK practice had less than 15% of all traffic coming from organic traffic. And of the 15%, only about 3% came from unbranded, discovery searches.

Meanwhile, when it comes to the site structure score, the grade they gave for the practice was C minus. It was noted that the most important page on the site, which is the practice’s primary LASIK page, was three hops deep in the site. This is not good for SEO because it implies to the search engine’s bot that it isn’t that important when it should be the most important part of the site. In addition, the site was found to fail when it comes to siloing, which is categorizing the various subjects discussed on the site to allow the search engine to better understand what the site is about.

And in terms of entity-tuned content, the LASIK practice’s site was given a grade of D. Because Google had shifted to natural language processing using AI, SEO has to shift its focus from keywords to topics. Thus, for LASIK, the search engine expects to see related topics, such as dry eye syndrome, refractive errors, refractive surgery, and more. It turned out that the LASIK pillar page on their website was missing most of the topics related to LASIK.

And with regards to the schema code on the LASIK website, the grade given was D plus. It was found that the practice’s site had no schema on any sub-page or article. With regards to backlinks, the site was given a grade of C plus. And in terms of GMB / GBP for maps ranking, the practice was given a grade of D. They had no tuned information or service content and the site failed to appear in the Map Pack rankings.

And finally, in terms of results tracking, the SEO for the practice was given a grade of F. This is because they didn’t know how organic search was providing results in terms of the increased number of surgeries.

Founded in 2014 by Jordan P. Fowler, Moon and Owl Marketing has been structured in such a way that it is made up of a group of partners and participants who connect virtually as frequently as required. This virtual model allows the company to be streamlined and agile, and to minimize overhead costs, which allows them to provide significant results at a relatively lower price compared to other digital marketing agencies. Jordan Fowler has a lot of marketing experience due to his work has Communications Director of a globally-focused nonprofit organization. He was also a Senior Account Executive for a leading medical marketing agency. While Moon and Owl Marketing has many medical SEO clients, the intentional expansion of client verticals allows for better cross-sector learning.

Those who are interested in learning more about the services provided by Moon and Owl Marketing can check out their website, or contact them on the telephone or through email.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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