Family Member Says Alter Wellness Care Is a Safe Environment for Loved Ones to Get Better

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Laguna Beach, California — A family member of a patient recently left a rave review about the supportive environment their relative found during mental health treatment at Alter Wellness Care.

The staff at Alter have been very supportive. The care team has shown great respect, kindness, and patience to us and our family member, all while maintaining our loved one's privacy,” Tracey, a former patient’s family member, wrote in a recent five-star Google review.

Outpatient Mental Health Facility in Laguna Beach Alter

Alter Wellness Care encourages family support as part of the mental health treatment process. The programs offered at this outpatient mental health treatment facility in Laguna Beach aren’t residential, so there’s more flexibility in bringing a loved one or family member for support during a patient’s intensive outpatient program (IOP) or partial hospitalization program (PHP) treatment.

The intensive outpatient program, or IOP, at Alter Wellness Care consists of talk therapy and hospital care. Talk therapy is primarily for patients working with a therapist but still continuing with their daily lives and responsibilities outside of treatment. Hospital care is when the patient enters a full-time program for mental health treatment, residing in the facility full-time until their treatment is completed.

There are two types of intensive outpatient programs that Alter Wellness Care offers. The first is IOP5, which is longer than the treatment programs offered, lasting a total of 40 to 60 days. Patients can go to multiple therapy sessions a day, with sessions offered during the week, not on weekends. The other program option is IOP3, which is the shorter of the two at Alter Wellness Care, typically lasting 30 to 40 days. Patients can choose from one of the two morning sessions or the two afternoon therapy sessions.

The partial hospitalization program offered at Alter Wellness Care combines outpatient talk therapy and a more restrictive type of care. When enrolled in the program, patients can attend therapy sessions at certain times of the day, and then go about their daily lives after treatment. The program last 30 to 45 days and therapy sessions are offered three to six days a week at specific times.

Alter Wellness Care approaches mental health treatment with the background of trauma-informed care, whole-person wellness, and local convenience. Trauma-informed care aims to better recognize and treat people who have experienced trauma and offer them a space for healing. Whole-person wellness focuses on looking at all aspects of a patient’s well-being. Local convenience is good for people who are busy because they can still control their schedule when receiving treatment.

Some of the other treatment options available when enrolled in Alter Wellness Care’s PHP or IOP programs include psychoeducational groups, skills development groups, cognitive behavioral therapy groups, dialectical behavior therapy, support groups, interpersonal process groups, and acceptance therapy. With the different variations of mental health treatment programs, patients can easily find the best program for them while being in a secure environment.

In her Google review, Tracey continued, “Alter Wellness has provided a safe environment for our family member to get better. They run a professional program at Alter.”

Alter Wellness Care continues to provide top mental health care and treatment in California, operating as part of Alter Health Group’s network of treatment facilities across the state that have a reputation of helping people in need get the support and assistance required to live a better life. Mental health treatment doesn’t have to happen in a residential facility, and that’s why Alter Wellness Care is unique because it offers this help in a more flexible setting at the times people can fit into their schedules. To learn more about the work of the Alter Wellness Care team in Laguna Beach, visit the facility’s website or call 886-520-2943.

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