Patient Credits Alter Wellness Care to “Guide You to the Right Path of Excellence”

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Laguna Beach, California—A woman was so pleased with the mental health treatment she received at Alter Wellness Care she posted an enthusiastic 5-star review of the mental health center in Laguna Beach, California.

“This a wonderful facility with professional staff that will guide you to the right path of excellence,” wrote the patient, Lupita. “Highly recommended.”

Mental Health Center Laguna Beach Alter Wellness Care

Alter Wellness Care is a residential behavior health treatment program that offers care for people struggling with primary mental illnesses and co-occurring disorders, pursuing a mission to provide the highest-quality mental health care by using accurate diagnosis for each patient. Alter’s team of compassionate, experienced specialists takes a comprehensive approach to care, treating the person while also delving into the root causes of the condition that has brought the patient to the center. The interdisciplinary team closely works with every client to set recovery goals and design a personalized treatment plan. Each member of the treatment team is dedicated to offering the highest level of customized care and supporting their patients throughout the entire recovery journey.

Alter treats a wide range of conditions: anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, borderline personality disorder, schizophrenia, dissociative identity disorder, and autism co-occurring disorders. Patients are enrolled in highly structured clinical programs that take an interdisciplinary approach to treatment, including intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization programs.

Treatment methods include several groups that offer specific therapeutic strategies. Psychoeducational groups educate and inform individuals generally about mental health, related behaviors, and the consequences of those behaviors. Skills development groups focus on emotional regulation, mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, and distress tolerance. Cognitive-behavioral therapy groups help patients understand the thoughts and beliefs that affect emotions and behaviors, while dialectical behavioral therapy provides opportunities to develop existing skills. Alter also offers support groups that care for the members while teaching them interpersonal skills through group discussion, shared experiences, and collaborative problem-solving.

Other groups include acceptance therapy, which educates patients to identify what matters to them, what they stand for, the types of relationships they would like to build, and how they would like to behave and respond. Clients learn how to commit themselves to actions that bring fulfillment, enrich their lives, and focus on what matters to them. Meanwhile, patients who have endured trauma find recovery in the Seeking Safety group. This evidence-based model treats co-occurring post-traumatic stress disorder as well as underlying mental health issues.

Before admission, prospective patients undergo a thorough assessment to determine the best course of treatment and the appropriate level of care. They may be admitted to Alter if the evaluation indicates Alter can help them; those who need more intense treatment may be referred to acute care facilities or inpatient hospitalization. Once a patient is admitted, the assessment continues during the intake process and is completed by the assigned counselor. Every effort is made to align with each individual’s unique needs. It’s a continuing process that is regularly evaluated and adjusted throughout the treatment experience.

Alter believes the physical setting where treatment is offered is a critical part of the therapeutic process. Patients can relax and focus on their recovery in an environment where they are treated with respect and dignity. Outdoor areas are carefully curated, and indoor décor is elegant and welcoming. Residents can gather together and watch TV or socialize in beautifully appointed common areas, or they can enjoy solitary peace while contemplating the sunset from a balcony.

For more information on mental health treatment for oneself or a loved one, visit Alter Wellness Care or call 866-520-2943.

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