Luxurious Permanent Jewelry Experience Launched In Tempe

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Tempe, Arizona -

Tempe, AZ based Elite Fine Jewelers has launched a unique experience for customers who are looking for the perfect piece of permanent jewelry. Given the enduring nature of this trend, it is crucial for people to choose jewelry that matches their personality and aesthetic at all times. With Elite Fine Jewelers, anyone can make sure they will always be satisfied with their choice.

Permanent jewelry is currently taking the community by storm as it allows participants to combine elegance and commitment into a single symbol. The jewelry used to participate in this trend often takes the form of a necklace, anklet or bracelet, with the latter being the most popular by far. According to Elite Fine Jewelers, the main difference between these pieces and ‘regular’ jewelry is the fact that they do not come with a traditional clasp or other means of removal. However, a clasp can be retrofitted if desired. See more here: Permanent Jewelry Tempe.

permanent jewelry Tempe

To begin with, those who wish to wear a piece of permanent jewelry have to be present when the bond is created. The two ends of a bracelet, for instance, can be sized to fit a wrist’s diameter closely (thereby preventing it from simply being pulled off over the hand). The ends are welded together carefully, creating a permanent bond around the wrist. There are many reasons why an individual, couple or group may have an interest in this trend, but the most common themes tend to center around commitment, dedication, everlasting memory and so on.

As a prominent jeweler that has created pieces for both short and long term trends, Elite Fine Jewelers is keen to share their perspective of permanent jewelry. The company comments in a recent blog post, “While temporary fads come and go, permanent bracelets have emerged as the must-have accessory of the moment. These adult friendship bracelets are the epitome of chic and are guaranteed to become your new favorite fashion statement. Imagine a bracelet or anklet that becomes an integral part of your signature style, reflecting your personality and celebrating the incredible bonds you share with your friends. Permanent bracelets are more than just jewelry; they are a unique and vibrant symbol of everlasting connections.”

Elite Fine Jewelers has long understood the role jewelry plays in helping an individual feel more expressive yet comfortable. Along with permanent jewelry, the store regularly helps customers find pieces in certain colors, design and more that match their personality and lifestyle. Elite Fine Jewelers has even connected customers with jewelry that has been altered to carry a message or otherwise complement their style. See more here: Custom Jewelry Engraving Tempe.

Those who wish to add permanent jewelry to their attire will find a truly unforgettable experience at Elite Fine Jewelers. The store enables customers to immerse themselves completely during the bonding process, providing complimentary champagne and more to cultivate a celebratory and memorable atmosphere. Further, the materials they use are among the finest in the world, fit only for the most discerning customers who want the strength of their commitments to truly shine for all to see.

“Elite Fine Jewelers takes immense pride in their extraordinary collection of permanent bracelets,” the jeweler says, “crafted from the finest 14k solid gold. These bracelets are available in three captivating shades: white gold, rose gold and yellow gold. Rest assured, these are not your average gold-filled or gold-plated pieces. Elite Fine Jewelers only works with precious metals, ensuring that your bracelet is of the highest quality and crafted to stand the test of time.” A number of chain options are also available.

Since each bonding session is a highly personal event, customers are requested to get in touch with Elite Fine Jewelers to schedule an appointment. This will ensure that they and their party will have the staff’s full attention when they arrive, and they will be able to explore all that the store has to offer at their leisure. Elite Fine Jewelers will also be delighted to share the expertise of their team, so customers may make as many inquiries regarding the craftsmanship and history of any pieces that catch their eye.

An appointment can be scheduled by contacting Elite Fine Jewelers over the phone. Couples, families, friends and so on are welcome to get in touch and start the process of getting their very own permanent jewelry today. See more here: Luxury Jewelry Near Me Scottsdale AZ.

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Elite Fine Jewelers is family-owned with 70 years of excellence in fine jewelry. They have GIA, EGL or IGI certified diamonds and their experts have extensive experience in assessing the value of fine jewelry, diamonds, watches, and coins.

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