Best Salad Dressing Shaker Receives Rave Reviews

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Littleton, MA based Cestari is pleased to share that their salad dressing shaker has been enjoying an upswell of positive feedback since its launch. As with all of the company’s products, the shaker is designed to make life easier when preparing meals, and this appears to have made a distinct impression with customers.

One customer explains, “I bought this salad shaker because I was tired of having lots of large, expensive bottles of salad dressing in the fridge. It’s hard to toss a $5 bottle of dressing, even after I find out I don’t like it. I wanted to try making my own dressings, but only enough for a meal or two, because I like variety.”

Best Salad Dressing Shaker

Upon purchasing and trying out Cestari’s solution, the customer discovered that, “This shaker is very well thought out. It easily makes 8 oz. of dressing, and the mixer insert helps emulsify the ingredients. It’s sturdy, seals tight and is easy to clean. It’s easy to hold while shaking, and the handle removes to pour thinner sauces easily.” The customer also enjoyed the recipes that come included with each Cestari salad shaker, which may be one reason their review concludes, “Overall cost to make each dressing was less than a dollar, and I have lots more room in the fridge. This shaker is a winner.”

Another customer’s review may explain why many may prefer to switch to using a shaker for their salads if they are currently using utensils to mix their ingredients. “I got this salad dressing shaker a few weeks ago,” they say “and the verdict is in. I love it! I like all three recipes printed on the glass, and I rotate through them and a couple of other favorites. Shaking instead of mixing with a fork is so much easier. The dressing emulsifies easily with a few shakes. The kids now fight over who gets to shake the dressing! If there's leftover dressing, the shaker fits easily in the fridge, and all you need to do is shake it a couple of times to refresh the dressing, and you're ready to pour it on the greens! Easy to clean as well.”

Cestari says that the shaker was created to make great homemade salad dressings more accessible for the average home cook. While there are other ways to make a dressing, they can be less efficient at mixing all the ingredients or even be too manually taxing for some to bother with. The shaker, thanks to its core functionality and thoughtful features, changes this, and numerous customers have expressed feeling more joy when preparing a meal.

Those coming across the shaker for the first time will quickly understand that the ingredients are meant to be shaken up inside. However, they may not be aware that the shaker has a leak-proof seal that ensures no juices or oils make their way to the exterior (or the users’ hands) when in use. Further, the shaker comes with a built-in whisk which acts as an emulsifier, distributing flavors more thoroughly.

Despite its name, Cestari’s salad shaker can be used to mix much more than salad dressings. The company points out that the shaker is heat-safe, which means a user can easily add hot fat mixtures to the jar without having to be concerned about warping or other issues. The shaker is also BPA- and phthalate-free, meaning any food prepared with it will not be contaminated by these unwanted chemicals. The salad dressing server is similarly made from borosilicate glass, making it useful (and safe) for storing mixtures for some time. This essentially means the container can be taken directly from the kitchen to the table — or the dressing can be made with no mess and no stress at the table, as well.

There are many reasons why customers consider this the best salad dressing shaker they have ever tried, and Cestari invites everyone else to make a purchase today to see for themselves. As with all of the company’s products, these dressing containers are covered by their ‘no questions asked, lifetime replacement guarantee.’

More information can be found on the Cestari’s shaker’s Amazon listing. Other inquiries may be directly to Cestari’s customer service team.

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