Cestari Shares Video Offering Tips on How to Set Up a Bee House

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Cestari has published a video on Amazon educating customers on the best way to set up its high-quality bee house.

Bee houses give native bee species a place to nest safely on one’s property. For the homeowner, the benefits include a healthy ecosystem for their flora as bees are one of nature’s most efficient pollinators. Cestari’s Bee House, with its plethora of reeds and tubes, offers buyers a chance to give their winged friends a safe and durable home to thrive and reap these invaluable benefits.

Pink Mason Bee House

Bees need a safe nesting place that is protected from wind and rain. Cestari recommends that homeowners find a sheltered area where the bee house can be installed. The location should be near the plants on the property to make it easy for the bees to travel back and forth for pollen. Since the bees need a source of mud to seal the tubes of the bee house, there should also be wet or moist soil not too far from the bee house.

Next, using the built-in hook, the bee house should be securely hung on a post, tree, fence, or wall that can hold its modest weight. Cestari recommends setting it up at least 3 to 4 feet off the ground to prevent mud wasps from moving in. The bee house should also be ideally placed such that it receives sunlight in the morning as the warmth at the start of the day prompts the bees to get moving and do what they do best.

“The Cestari Bee House has been designed to be easy to put up without much hassle,” the spokesperson for the company says, “Just make sure to pick a location that has plenty of shade, faces the sun in the morning, and is near your garden or cultivation. Soon you’ll have your very own family of bees working alongside you. Remember, healthy mason bees visit around 1000 plants a day. So, a nest of them on your property will help your plants and flowers reach their fullest potential.”

The Mason bee house from Cestari is designed to last up to two seasons. The bee hotels are crafted from FSC-certified wood. Each tube in them is cut from long-lasting sustainable bamboo. The environmentally friendly bee house is far more sturdy and durable than bee houses with tubes made from paper or cardboard.

Cestari’s Mason Bee House is available on Amazon for purchase in five different colors – Cornflower Blue, Farmhouse Grey, Forest Green, Pink, and Sunflower Yellow. Made out of bamboo and fir, the bee house can attract 140 different species of bees including mason bees and orchard bees. There are approximately 75 tubes in each unit, all of which are over 4 inches long and provide plenty of depth and security for the bees to lay their eggs and for the larvae to mature. The tubes are also smooth on the inside to prevent injuring their wings.

The Cestari Mason Bee House has an impressive overall rating on Amazon. Over 80% of the ratings for the item are over 4 stars with 5-star ratings making up more than three-fifths of the total. Customers praise the solid construction of the bee house, its attractive look, and the functionality offered by its bamboo tubes.

One 5-star review says, “This bee house for native bees is exactly what I was looking for. It is very well-made, with solid construction. The pink color looks great in my garden. I think bees are attracted to the color.”

Another buyer writes, “This looks to be a wonderful little bee house. I look forward to hanging it and watching the bees come and live in it. It is so sweet to see their little faces poke out of the little bamboo holes.”

Readers can head over to Amazon to view the video published by Cestari at How to Set Up a Bee House.

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