Great Falls’ Backyard Bug Patrol Offers A Comprehensive Anti-Mosquito Barrier To Keep Mosquitos At Bay All Summer Long

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Great Falls, Virginia -

Summer is here, and with it comes dangerous mosquitoes. This is why Backyard Bug Patrol offers high quality mosquito control and pest prevention in the Great Falls, Virginia area. The business was founded by John Mitchell when his whole family was diagnosed with Lyme disease from backyard ticks. With first-hand experience of the dangers that lurk in common backyard pests, Mitchell started Backyard Bug Patrol to provide top-notch pest protection for families in Great Falls, McLean, Reston, Arlington, Bethesda, Potomac and the surrounding Metro DC area.

Mosquito season is a huge threat to families and pets, and it’s important to mitigate mosquito and tick infestations as much as possible. Given Great Falls experiences all four seasons, including a muggy summer season, the town is the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. Mitchell, talks about the different ways they protect homes against mosquito infestations.

“We offer a mosquito and tick spray service that kills between 80-90% of mosquitos and ticks in your yard with one spray,” says Mitchell. “Our barrier sprays come in two types: Flower Power, which is a synthetic derivative of the chrysanthemum flower (a natural mosquito repellant); and our second is called Simply Organic, which is a 100% organic spray solution that is a 100% organic option.”

When scheduling service, the company will discuss the best barrier spray option with the homeowner. Next, they will schedule a date and time for the appointment. When they arrive, they will spray the entire area, being sure to tip over anything with standing water to eliminate mosquito breeding grounds. After the barrier spray is complete, the team will notify the homeowner that BBP treated their yard. According to Mitchell, this is the best way to prevent mosquito infestations throughout the muggy summers.

“Working with us is far better than handling mosquito infestations on your own,” remarks Mitchell. “Our team is trained, certified, and experienced in all types of pest control. We have top-of-the-line products that are proven to kill mosquitos, and we practice the best preventative methods for Virginia and Maryland homes.”

In terms of their quality of service, Backyard Bug Patrol has a 5 star rating on Google and other review services.. One satisfied customer wrote, “A great service that I worked with for a whole season. They come quickly even if you see one mosquito poke their head out, otherwise the spray is thorough and covers the whole lawn. I got the “flower power” one and it was easy on the plants and animals.”

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According to the Backyard Bug Patrol website, there are over 150 species of mosquitoes in the US. Mosquitos typically mature into an adult in just 4-7 days, and most mosquitos don’t travel more than 1-3 miles from their birthplace. One species, the Tiger Mosquito, doesn’t fly more than 300 yards from its birthplace, making it a big threat to homes nearby. Mosquitoes prefer standing water for breeding grounds, which is why pools, fountains, ponds, and large bodies of water can attract many mosquitos. When the mosquitos aren’t biting humans, they eat glucose found naturally in plants. This is why places with dense foliation or greenery can be more susceptible to mosquito infestation.

When it comes to reproduction, one mosquito can be responsible for millions of offspring during their lifetime. Because they produce such an enormous amount of offspring, it can be nearly impossible (and dangerous) to fight off mosquitos without professional assistance. Mosquitos can carry all types of diseases which includes West Nile Virus.. Mosquitoes can also spread Eastern Equine Encephalitis, which can damage the central nervous systems in humans and horses. Dogs aren’t safe from mosquitos either; these pesky insects can cause Heartworm Disease in these canine friends.

It’s because of these risks that mosquito pest control is so important, according to Mitchell. Backyard Bug Patrol can help keep backyards mosquito and pest free for homeowners in Maryland and Virginia. They will work with homeowners to develop a comprehensive anti-pest plan. Not only do they protect against mosquitos, but they also protect against ticks, ants, termites, rodents, and stink bugs and other commonly found pests. Whatever the pest, Backyard Bug Patrol can help keep homes safer.

To learn more about their products and services, visit their Facebook page at To contact BBP for information regarding services or pricing, call (703) 621-7116 or

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Ensuring that children don't get Lyme Disease in their own backyard. We provide outdoor pest control services in northern Virginia to prevent mosquitoes, ticks, stink bugs, and ants.

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