Arrowhead Clinic Explains How a Chiropractor May Help Reduce TMJ Pain

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Peachtree City, Georgia -

Arrowhead Clinic, a chiropractic practice with offices in various locations in Georgia, has recently explained what a chiropractor can do to help reduce temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ) pain. TMJ is a common occurrence that causes long-lasting jaw and facial pain but many people don’t know if chiropractic treatment can help decrease the pain. There are actually several advantages of applying chiropractic techniques for TMJ issues but there have been arguments against using them.

Dr. Harry Brown, founder of Arrowhead Clinic, says, “Chiropractic care is advantageous in alleviating muscular stress and enlarging flexibility, both of which contribute to the addressing of TMJ-related aches. It may also be a substitute for treatment alternatives typically relying on pain-reducing medicine and surgical procedures. However, some people believe that chiropractic manipulation practices, like physical manipulations, could possibly result in more injury to weak areas around the jaw. As with any medical treatment decisions, it is recommended for the patient to consult with their physician about potential advantages and drawbacks before starting a course of therapy. Conclusively, medical experts are uncertain if chiropractic care helps with TMJ conditions, however, many people have stated they have found comfort following this procedure. Ultimately, when deliberating this kind of treatment, it is essential to contemplate the benefits and drawbacks before taking any action.”

Those who agree with the use of chiropractic care for TMJ conditions suggest that manipulating and repositioning the vertebrae in the neck and back can reduce or eliminate the tension that could have a negative impact on nerve endings near the jaw. In addition, many studies have shown that physically adjusting the mandible may help in the treatment of various symptoms of TMJ. Chiropractors may also recommend dietary supplements or various physical activities as a total solution for people suffering from facial joint issues.

On the other hand, some specialists have doubts about the use of chiropractic intervention for TMJ-related problems. They argue that adjusting and rearranging joints can only offer short-term relief and doesn’t address the root cause of repeated TMJ episodes. Furthermore, they don’t recommend certain therapies or exercises that may not be helpful in treating patients with poor TMJ conditions.

Chiropractors often use repositionings and modifications for treating TMJ conditions. They will make delicate adjustments or rearrangements of the temporomandibular joints to minimize the stiffness and pain in the jaw. This kind of intervention is believed to be beneficial in the optimal alignment of the jaw, which eases the tension in the muscles and tendons in that area and promotes the proper operation of the joint. In addition, it can reduce symptoms caused by teeth clenching or grinding because of the misalignment of the joint. On the other hand, some believe such alterations and adjustments may be too extreme, possibly resulting into more injury and pain. Thus, before opting for chiropractic care to help with TMJ problems, it is important to take into account both the possible advantages and risks.

Dr. Harry Brown also wants to provide an overview of what a typical chiropractic treatment for TMJ is like. He says, “Following the primary examination, the chiropractor will explain the program of treatment with you and possibly start manipulating your temporomandibular joint or employing manual methods such as trigger point treatment, spinal adjustment, stretching, and soft tissue manipulation. Depending on the seriousness of your issue, multiple visits may be necessary to achieve optimum results from the treatment. While undergoing the process, you may feel some slight uneasiness. This is typical and should not last for an extensive period of time. Many individuals who receive therapy for their temporomandibular joint find that they experience considerable comfort virtually right after their treatment.”

Established in 1977, Arrowhead Clinic has a group of topnotch chiropractors and car accident doctors in 18 clinics in various places around the state of Georgia. They have already provided treatment to more than 400,000 accident victims during the previous 40 years and they have established a reputation of being chiropractic care leaders. They have in-house x-ray equipment to help them diagnose the injuries of patients during their initial consultation. In addition to car accident injuries, they can also provide treatment for various kinds of pain and injuries.

Those who are interested in the chiropractic services for TMJ pain can check out the Arrowhead Clinic website or contact them through the telephone or via email.

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