New Arrowhead Clinic Blog Explains How a Herniated Disc Settlement Amount is Determined

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Peachtree City, Georgia -

Arrowhead Clinic accident chiropractors have been helping with the recovery of those injured in car crashes for over 45 years now. Because of the quality of care that these clinics offer, in that time, several new branches of the clinic opened across Georgia and South Carolina. But what these chiropractic clinics do goes well beyond the reputable treatments that take place inside of their facilities. These are also medical practices that seek to educate the public on all matters regarding injuries to the musculoskeletal and nervous systems that were sustained in auto and other accidents. One example of that is that Arrowhead Clinic just released a new blog that explains how a herniated disc settlement amount is determined.

Arrowhead Clinic’s founder, Dr. Harry Brown, says, “When someone is injured in an auto accident and comes to us for help with their recovery, they naturally have many questions for us and some of those relate to their financial concerns regarding their injuries. One of the most common questions of this nature we get are those related to herniated disc settlement amounts for auto accidents. That’s why we decided to post a new blog article on our website about that topic.”

herniated disc injury from auto accident

This most recent Arrowhead Clinic blog is titled ‘Herniated Disc Settlement Amounts - How Much Compensation Can You Expect?’. It discusses how much compensation a victim who has suffered a herniated disk in an accident that was no fault of their own can expect to receive. This compensation often comes in the form of a legal claim and includes reimbursement for medical expenses and other damages that directly relate to the accident injury. The article also went over how a herniated disc injury usually occurs in an auto accident and the average amounts of typical herniated Disc settlements along with discussing how those settlement amounts were determined. Also mentioned in the article were how spinal disc herniation injuries are treated, how chiropractic treatments can help with a herniated disc, and why it’s so important to consult with a chiropractor right away after being injured in an auto or any other type of accident. It’s an article that can be read in its entirety on the Arrowhead Clinic Website’s blog page.

This article comes on the heels of another Arrowhead Clinic blog post that informed about hearing loss after an auto accident. In addition to the many blogs that Arrowhead clinic posts on its website, it also has created and posted guides on wellness, auto accident, and chiropractic care topics. Dr. Brown also discussed the other types of injuries that his clinics have had success treating besides those received in truck, car, and other moving vehicle accidents. A list that includes treatments for all-too-common slip & fall accidents and injuries to the musculoskeletal system that occurred as a result of injuries in the workplace. The experienced chiropractors at their many clinic branches are also very good at treating sports injuries and many other types of neck and back injuries no matter how they happened.

Many of those that have sought treatment from Arrowhead Clinic accident chiropractors have left 5-star reviews on the assistance they received from them. Kelsey Wheatle stated, “Amazing office and staff. Everyone is so nice and attentive. The wait is minimal, and the office culture is very friendly. The doctors are also very amazing and understand your needs and concerns. 10/10!” Jordan Williams proclaimed, “My experience at arrowhead clinic was excellent! The staff was always happy to see me and treated me great! I would recommend them if you have ever been in a car accident. The doctors are very knowledgeable and always make sure you are comfortable along with monitoring if you are healing correctly!”

Dr. Brown Invites those that have sustained neck and back injuries in auto accidents or as a result of any other mishaps to contact them for help 24 hours a day at the number that’s posted on the main page of their website.

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