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Monterey Tree Service Experts Launches Mobile App to Empower Urban Tree Care

March 20, 2023
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Monterey, CA - Monterey Tree Service Experts, a leading provider of urban tree care services in Monterey, CA, today announced the launch of their new mobile app. The app allows community members to report and track urban tree issues, such as overgrown branches and diseased trees. This powerful tool is part of the company's broader mission to provide comprehensive tree care solutions and empower citizens with the necessary resources to protect their city's trees.

The app is designed to make it easier for residents to report and track urban tree issues. The app offers a streamlined user interface that allows users to quickly upload photos and descriptions of the issue, which are then sent to the appropriate city agency for review. Additionally, citizens can use the app to check the status of their reports, receive updates on any actions taken, and access helpful resources about urban tree care.

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"At Monterey Tree Service Experts, we understand how important it is for citizens to have access to information and resources regarding urban tree care," said Bristol Adrinna, CEO of Monterey Tree Service Experts. "Our app empowers our community by providing an easy-to-use tool to report and track tree-related issues with their local government immediately. We hope this will improve urban tree stewardship across the city."

For more information on how Monterey Tree Service Experts is making tree care more streamlined, visit the company's website:

The app also includes educational resources about proper urban tree care, including pruning, planting, and mulching. This ensures that all app users have access to the knowledge they need to understand the importance of urban tree care and take action to protect their city's trees.

"As a leader in urban tree care, we are committed to protecting and preserving our city's most valuable resource: its trees," said Adrinna. "We believe that providing citizens with the necessary tools and resources will help ensure that our city's trees are properly cared for and protected for generations. Our new mobile app is just one way we are working to achieve this goal."

Monterey Tree Service Experts is dedicated to providing comprehensive tree care solutions to the community of Monterey. As part of their commitment to urban tree stewardship, they offer various services, including pruning, trimming, planting, removal, and stump grinding. They also provide consultations with certified arborists and emergency tree services. Their new mobile app is yet another way they are working to ensure that Monterey's trees remain healthy, safe, and thriving for years to come.

Monterey Tree Service Experts' operation base is at 2110 Del Monte Ave, Monterey, CA 93940, United States. Tree owners, however, can contact the company at 831-298-8745 and

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About Monterey Tree Service Experts:

Monterey Tree Service Experts is a family-owned tree service with over 15-years of experience caring for the natural landscape of communities in Monterey & Monterey County.

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Bristol Adrinna
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