Monterey Tree Service Experts Starts Offering Emergency Tree Services in Monterey Suburbs

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Monterey, California – A company well known for offering all tree care services in the Monterey suburbs except emergency services, Monterey Tree Service Experts, announced earlier today that it is now open for emergency bookings in the suburbs.

"For the past 20 years," said the CEO, "Monterey Tree Service Experts has been well known in Monterey and its suburbs for offering good tree care services. However, in the Monterey suburbs, the company has not been offering emergency services for all that time. The good news for suburban homeowners today is that Monterey Tree Service Experts will now provide emergency services as well."

Monterey Tree Trimming

The CEO revealed that the increased emergency requests made the company consider introducing emergency services to the entire region.

"Good services market themselves," bragged the CEO. "This is evident with the increasing number of new clients referred by their friends. Before knowing that Monterey Tree Service Experts doesn’t offer emergency services in the suburbs, almost every new client requested for emergency services. This, together with the high number of suggestions from homeowners in the suburbs to introduce emergency services in the ‘burbs, forced the company to take the bold step of expanding emergency services outside city limits.”

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The CEO also revealed the main reasons that led to Monterey Tree Service Experts not offering emergency services in the suburbs earlier. He also confirmed that the company had addressed all the issues.

"Emergency services should be offered immediately," said the CEO. “Failure to do so worsens the situation that forced the homeowner to ask for immediate attendance. Since even the closest suburb is far away when the issue at hand should be attended to immediately, Monterey Tree Service Experts had no option but not to offer the services. However, starting today, the company has acquired emergency bikes, which the emergency team will use to deliver services. Therefore, even the homeowner in the farthest suburb can order emergency services and be sure to have the issue at hand solved within a few minutes.”

"Monterey Tree Service Experts also lacked enough emergency specialists and equipment to handle all the suburbs," said the CEO. "When the company first thought of introducing emergency services in the suburbs, it was going through some financial struggles after investing a lot of money in buying land for planting trees. The company was, therefore, forced to save all its profits for a couple of months, to manage to solve the two issues while still maintaining cheap pricing.”

The CEO also revealed that the company’s plan to expand its services further and open branches is still underway.

"Every homeowner deserves good tree care services," said the CEO. "That is why Monterey Tree Service Experts has been planning to expand services further and open other branches in different cities in California. The expansion of emergency services to the suburbs is just the beginning of other expansions underway. To stay updated, homeowners should keep it locked in the company’s newsroom.”

He then urged homeowners in Monterey and the entire neighborhood to make their tree care bookings with Monterey Tree Service Experts.

"Now that Monterey Tree Service Experts is open for all tree care requests from homeowners in Monterey and its suburbs," said the CEO, "the team is ready to handle the many requests homeowners are about to make. They should be sure to receive the same good services from the company.”

Monterey Tree Service Experts is located at 2110 Del Monte Ave., Monterey, CA 93940, United States. Homeowners can also contact the company at +1 831-298-8745 or

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About Monterey Tree Service Experts :

Monterey Tree Service Experts is a family-owned tree service with over 15-years of experience caring for the natural landscape of communities in Monterey & Monterey County.

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Bristol Adrinna

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