Houston Tree Service Experts Doubles Down on Environmental Impact with Initiative to Plant a Tree for Every Tree Removed

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Houston, TX Houston Tree Service Experts is taking their commitment to the environment to the next level with the launch of their new initiative to plant a tree for every tree removed. The Houston-based company's bold move shows how serious they are about sustainable practices and improving the environment.

The initiative aims to help protect and replenish Houston's forests and wildlife habitats. To ensure that the new trees are given the best chance of thriving, Houston Tree Service Experts ensure that each newly planted tree is given individual attention and care.

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The team assesses the environment where the tree will be planted, followed by providing fertilizer or other necessary supplements to give the tree a better chance of survival. By taking this additional step, Houston Tree Service Experts hopes to restore balance and environmental justice while improving the quality of life within their local community.

"The health of our planet and its inhabitants depends on us taking action," said Laverne Finn, CEO of Houston Tree Service Experts. "By planting a tree for each we remove, we are doubling down on our environmental impact, making sure that our services have an even greater positive effect."

Read this story for further steps Houston Tree Service Experts has taken to protect the urban forest:

As part of the initiative, Houston Tree Service Experts will donate a portion of each job's proceeds to local tree-planting initiatives to counteract the trees removed. They are also partnering with various organizations such as Trees For The Future, Greenpop, and WeForest, which specialize in planting millions of trees.

This isn't the first time Houston Tree Service Experts has taken a stand on environmental issues. In 2019 they released a statement pledging to reduce their carbon footprint by utilizing electric equipment and investing in greener practices such as composting and recycling.

"We understand that it is our responsibility as a tree service provider to do our part for the environment," said Finn. "We want our customers to know that when they choose us, they're choosing a company that takes its commitment to sustainability seriously."

The company also encourages its customers to join its mission and help promote more sustainable practices in their communities. Customers can join Houston Tree Service Experts in their efforts by donating to their partnered organizations or volunteering at local tree-planting events in their area.

"We want our customers to be just as passionate about protecting the environment as we are," said Finn. "Only through collective action can we make real changes for our planet."

Houston Tree Service Experts leads the charge toward a greener future, one tree at a time. To learn more about this inspiring initiative and how homeowners are getting involved, visit the company's offices at 6420 Hillcroft Ave, Houston, TX 77081, United States. The company also welcomes homeowners to use +1 281-519-6308 and to contact its offices for more information on the tree planting initiative or to request tree care procedures.

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About Houston Tree Service Experts :

Houston Tree Service Experts is a family-owned tree service with over 25-years of experience caring for the natural landscape of communities in Houston & Harris county.

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Laverne Finn

6420 Hillcroft Ave, Houston TX, 77081


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