Apopka Tree Experts Ready To Tackle Emergency Tree Services in Apopka's Neighborhoods

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Apopka, Florida – Apopka Tree Experts is ready to tackle emergency tree services in the neighborhoods surrounding Apopka. In the wake of the recent hurricane activity and the increased risk of falling trees due to severe storms, Apopka Tree Experts stands by its commitment to help identify, investigate and safely remove damaged trees.

"Our mission is to ensure the safety of our community at all times," said Brittany Kelsey, owner of Apopka Tree Experts. "We have a team of experienced professionals who can assess a situation and determine the best way forward in the quickest and safest manner possible."

Certified Apopka Tree Service Experts

Apopka Tree Experts handles all tree issues, from dead and diseased trees to storm damage. The company prides itself on being local and providing excellent customer service, which sets them apart from the competition.

"Being available to the community whenever they may need us is the goal of Apopka Tree Experts," Brittany Kelsey added. "We understand that fallen trees can cause considerable damage, so we're proud to be there for our community with an efficient, prompt, and reliable solution."

Regarding emergency tree services, Apopka Tree Experts is equipped with the knowledge and tools to handle any situation. The company has a team of certified arborists with the expertise to remove safely and clear debris from fallen trees. They also have cranes, bucket trucks, and other specialized equipment to handle large-scale projects.

To see how Apopka Tree Experts has been helping homeowners keep their trees healthy and strong, visit the company's website at:

Apopka Tree Experts is committed to working with the community to prevent future damage. The company offers free on-site consultations to help homeowners identify and address potential hazards, such as dead or diseased trees, that may pose a risk during severe weather. They can also assist in obtaining permits for larger projects, ensuring that all necessary steps are taken to keep the community safe.

In addition to emergency tree services, Apopka Tree Experts also offers a wide range of tree care services, such as tree pruning, tree planting, and tree fertilization. These services are essential for maintaining the health and beauty of trees and ensuring the community's safety.

According to the company, pruning trees is essential. It helps to remove dead, diseased, or damaged branches and also helps to shape the tree and improve its structure.

Tree planting is another vital service offered by Apopka Tree Experts; it improves the community's aesthetics, air quality, and shade. Tree fertilization is also essential for maintaining the health of trees, and Apopka Tree Experts can recommend the correct type of fertilizer for different kinds of trees depending on their specific needs.

With the hurricane season fast approaching, the community can rest assured that Apopka Tree Experts is ready to respond to any emergency tree services that may be needed. Brittany concludes, "We're committed to being there for our community when they need us most. Our team is ready to take action, and we'll be on the scene as soon as possible to help ensure the safety of our neighbors and their property."

Furthermore, as part of the company's commitment to the community, it will also offer educational programs to teach people how to identify potential hazards. These programs are designed to educate the community on protecting their property and loved ones from potential dangers.

People interested in more information about Apopka Tree Experts and what the company has been up to can check its tree maintenance media room. The company's offices are located at 2616 Pemberton Dr, Apopka, FL 32703, United States. Homeowners can also contact the company at +1 321-273-7282 or

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About Apopka Tree Experts :

Apopka Tree Experts is a family-owned tree service with over 20-years of experience caring for the natural landscape of communities in Orlando & Orange County.

Contact Apopka Tree Experts:

Brittany Kelsey

2616 Pemberton Dr
Apopka, FL, 32703


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