Experienced Public Adjuster Is Helping Punta Gorda FL Property Owners Who Suffered Losses in Hurricane Ian

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Intercoastal Public Adjusters has announced an expansion of its services to Punta Gorda, FL, and surrounding areas. The company is urging homeowners and business owners in the region, who were severely affected by Hurricane Ian, to let it handle their insurance claims.

Hurricane Ian hit the coast of Southwest Florida in late September 2022 and left a horrific trail of destruction, both in terms of property and human life, in its wake. Punta Gorda ended up right in the crosshairs of the high-end Category 4 hurricane, the third costliest weather disaster ever recorded and the deadliest of its kind to strike Florida in almost a century. In fact, the hurricane’s second landfall was just south of Punta Gorda, near Pirate Harbor which got hit with 145 mph winds.


Though the hurricane dissipated months ago, many homes and businesses are still reeling from the damage it wreaked in Punta Gorda and the rest of Charlotte County. For example, in late December, local news reported that Sandman Books, a popular bookstore in Charlotte County suffered from a collapsed roof that sent its owner to the hospital. The damage took so long to clean up that, in the days following the disaster, the city government opened up and maintained three drop-off sites that had to be kept open because they were receiving storm debris as recently as 8th January 2023.

While the damage was unavoidable, property owners in the region are facing a far more insidious struggle in Hurricane Ian’s aftermath. Though they spent a huge chunk of their property’s expenses on insurance against such exact incidents, property owners are reporting that their insurance companies have been slow to respond or are being downright unhelpful. Fox 4 News ran a story on January 4, 2023, that detailed the many struggles of homeowners who were being ignored by insurance companies. The confusion and anxiety surrounding insurance claims are so high that the Department of Financial Services announced it is hosting three Insurance Villages, programs where policyholders can meet with insurers to resolve disputes, in January.

The spokesperson for Intercoastal Public Adjusters explains why it is crucial to seek help from a professional public adjuster during such times by saying, “Insurance companies spend a lot of time and money preparing for scenarios such as Hurricane Ian. It is during large natural disasters like this that their business is truly challenged due to several property owners filing claims all at once. So, they design their policies and paperwork to protect themselves as much as possible. It is in their best interest to avoid paying the policyholders what they are owed. As a home or business owner who has been through a life-changing experience, you need all the help you can get from someone who knows all the tricks they use to deny legitimate claims. At Intercoastal Public Adjusters, we have years of experience understanding the minutiae of insurance contracts. We can represent you and take the fight to them and make sure that they don’t punish you for acting in a financially responsible manner.”

Intercoastal Public Adjusters’ services include helping property owners understand the terms of their insurance policy, documenting the damages, and organizing the claims process. The company provides seasoned state-certified professionals who help policyholders itemize their losses, determine the cost of repairs, and negotiate a settlement with the insurance company on their behalf. Homeowners get to benefit from the company’s extensive experience in the areas of construction, roofing, insurance adjusting, and public adjusting. It has over 25 years of experience adjusting catastrophic insurance claims due to natural events such as hurricanes, storms, water damage, wind, ice, mold, fire, smoke, tree damage, and even vandalism. Property owners have only good things to say about the company as it has a perfect 5-star rating on its Google Business Profile.

Readers looking for the best public adjuster Punta Gorda FL has to offer can contact (877) 689-4272 or fill out the Hurricane Ian Insurance Assistance Contact Form on its website.

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