Fort Myers Public Adjuster Appeals FL Property Owners to Seek Its Services Following Hurricane Ian

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Intercoastal Public Adjusters, a licensed and certified public insurance adjusting company in Florida, is offering its services to the state’s residents who were affected by Hurricane Ian. The company is helping potential clients understand what a public adjuster exactly does and why it is recommended to seek out their services after a once-in-a-lifetime catastrophic event such as Hurricane Ian.

Claims adjusters, depending on who they work for, corroborate the facts of an insurance claim through extensive research which includes a thorough combing of the terms of the coverage and on-site visits to assess the damage to the property. Insurance adjusters work exclusively for insurance companies either as full-time staff members or independent contractors. Public adjusters, on the other hand, help individual claimants investigate the discrepancies in the insurance company’s offer and maximize what they are owed.


Michael Scordato, one of the Managing Partners at Intercoastal Public Adjusters talks about how public adjusters provide value to their clients by saying, “At the end of the day, an insurer is a private for-profit business whose only goal is to look after its bottom line. So, their adjusters will not hold back from dismissing legitimate claims to ensure that the company doesn’t have to pay out as much as it rightfully should. This is especially true in the aftermath of disasters such as Hurricane Ian when the number of claims surges and companies are desperate enough to use all the tools at their disposal to minimize their financial obligations. If you are a home or commercial property owner, you need to defend yourself from their manipulative practices by having a skilled public adjuster in your corner.”

Public adjusters may either charge a flat fee for their services, an hourly rate, or may only charge a percentage of the final settlement. The latter is the most common way in which public adjusters charge for their services and the percentage will depend on the settlement and the size and reputation of the public insurance adjusting company.

Intercoastal Public Adjusters Fort Myers has over 30 years of experience representing policyholders to expedite the process of getting the restoration claims on their property following a significant loss. The company can successfully adjust catastrophic insurance claims due to hurricanes, storms, water, wind, ice, mold, fire, smoke, tree damage, or vandalism to its client’s home or business. Its full range of services includes presenting the burden of proof, negotiating the settlement with the insurance company on the client’s behalf, processing condominium and Homeowner Association Insurance (HOA) claims, and generating all of the estimates for damages sustained.

Mike then goes on to talk about the havoc that Hurricane Ian wreaked on Florida properties by saying, “Hurricane Ian was the deadliest of its kind, a Category 4 Atlantic hurricane, to strike Florida in almost a century. The last time we had such a tremendous loss of life and property in the Sunshine State was when the Labor Day hurricane arrived on our shores in 1935. It claimed 146 lives in Florida and the damages to private property and public infrastructure has been estimated to top over $50 billion. If you were caught in its crosshairs, our heart goes out to you, and we hope that you eventually outlive its trauma. Don’t let the greedy insurance companies pile on to your suffering by denying your legitimate claims. Hire our services today and we will set you up with our talented team of experienced and skilled public adjusters who will take the fight directly to them. It is your best chance of coming out the other side of this catastrophe with the resources you need to move on.”

Readers looking for the best public adjuster Fort Myers has to offer can contact Intercoastal Public Adjusters at (877) 689-4272 or write to it at Along with Florida, the company is also licensed to process commercial and residential property claims in other U.S. states including, NC, SC, RI, MA, CT, VA, TX, IL, and GA.

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