Denver Divorce Mediation Service Announces its 2023 Social Work Scholarship

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Denver, Colorado -

Denver, Colorado’s SplitSimple is an uncontested divorce mediation service that seeks to calm the high emotions that are normally associated with these types of legal proceedings. This service does that by helping the couple that is going through the divorce settle important matters in a calm and productive atmosphere. This also tends to save those who choose to use SplitSimple’s divorce mediation services a lot of money as opposed to letting lawyers lead the way in a contested divorce proceeding. It’s a service that also believes in the importance of what it does and its role in giving back to the community. As part of that, it was just announced by the service’s founder, Attorney Chris Griffith, that they will soon award their annual scholarship for 2023. Something that has continued uninterrupted for several years now.

Griffith stated that it’s a scholarship that is awarded to an incoming student who wishes to pursue a degree in social work. There are no restrictions that go along with the scholarship and a recipient is free to attend their higher learning institution of choice. It’s a one-time $500 scholarship that he says will hopefully ease some of the financial burdens on a student trying to advance their studies in the social work field. This legal service’s founder says that they started the scholarship in hopes to replace some of the money that a social work student might earn with a part-time job, so that the student can forgo working and concentrate solely on their studies. In essence, helping them to excel at what they do after they finish their studies. Griffith says, “Take it from us here at SplitSimple, working with people in a socially challenging environment like we do requires an extensive educational background in the matter. That’s why we are happy to do a little something for those that choose to make a career out of the challenging but rewarding job of doing social work. It’s right up there with teaching as to the importance of the role that social workers play in their community.”

SplitSimple, Denver Divorce Mediators

This uncontested divorce service’s founder knows the importance of social work due to his many years as a courtroom lawyer and mediator. He also has an extensive educational background that often intertwines with some of the work that social workers provide. His educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Wake Forest University and a Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy degree from East Carolina University. All this combined with the JD he received afterward from the University of North Carolina School of Law has made him keenly aware of the benefits of proper social work. He hopes this scholarship will produce a graduating student who goes on to do exemplary work in the field of social work after they graduate and serve an internship. It was added by him that some of their scholarship recipients may even end up being a part of more peaceful types of divorce proceedings such as their divorce mediation services offer.

Those going through an uncontested divorce often applaud SplitSimple and its founder’s approach to uncomplicating the process in reviews. Mandy Cannon proclaimed, “I highly recommend working with Chris Griffith at Split Simple Colorado. He made a hard process seamless and easy. Chris truly understands what is needed to be done in the divorce process and can help you navigate through everything without it feeling overwhelming. Split Simple process allowed us to come to a resolution we were both happy with and not have to go through the nastiness that comes along with Divorce. We could not be more pleased working with Chris and SplitSimple and would like to thank them for the wonderful work they have done.” Heather Buchanan stated, “The divorce process is complex and emotional, Chris did an excellent job of facilitating the interactions between my ex and me. He was fair and worked from facts while keeping the kid's best interest as the center of focus. There are many details and documents that need to be completed during this process and Chris kept us organized and on track. I highly recommend SplitSimple and Chris Griffith, as well as mediation over lawyers.”

More information on how SplitSimple can help couples going through a divorce experience less angst and save money can be read about on this legal service’s website.

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