Revival Products Shares How To Lose Weight With Soy

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Kernersville, North Carolina based Revival Products Inc. is reaching out to the wider community to share how they can lose weight with soy. Revival Products offers a range of soy products that are designed to promote a more natural and healthy lifestyle among their customers all over the United States and beyond.

Suzanne Tabor, founder and representative for Revival Products Inc., says, “Losing weight is a goal for a lot of people, but as everyone will attest, it can be really hard to lose those unwanted pounds via restrictive, flavorless diets. We offer an alternative, delicious soy products made with a unique ‘6x’ blend that will help you slim down without needing to stick to severe diets!”

The company explains that most popular diet plans today restrict essential nutrients. They might be low in carbohydrates, fat, protein or low in some combination of these three macronutrients. While it can help cut down some weight, these diets are unbalanced and do not provide the optimal nutrition the human body needs, which in turn will contribute to poor health in the long term. This is compounded by the fact that most modern diets also promote unhealthy eating and exercise habits, resulting in an unhealthy overall lifestyle.

Revival’s weight loss offerings lower calories, which is an essential part of every diet plan, but it does not restrict any nutrients. The soy products provided by Revival allows users to get all the nutrition they need to live a healthy life without depriving themselves of nutrients. Revival’s diet also accounts for the importance of exercise, recommending a brisk walk for 30-45 minutes per day for 6 days each week. This combination makes the company’s weight loss soy diet so powerful that dieters using soy protein in their clinical trial lost an average of 26 pounds in 16 weeks, including excellent belly fat loss of about 25%.

Revival’s range of soy products include soy shakes, soy bars, soy chips and more. All their soy products also boast the extra benefits of soy protein — benefits that are usually not found in any diet plans that don't include soy. The company shares that soy is a high quality protein that contains all the essential amino acids for human nutrition. Additionally, the products in Revival’s weight loss diet have a low glycemic index. This means that they will not cause rapid blood sugar spikes (like high glycemic foods). This might lead to fewer hunger cravings and better appetite control, which is a powerful benefit for anyone on a diet.

The FDA’s findings also show that consuming 25 grams of soy protein daily, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may reduce the risk of heart disease. In addition to the many heart health related benefits, soy protein has been reported to have numerous other benefits, including younger-looking skin, hair, and nails support, menopause hot flash reduction and lean muscle mass support. It is clear that diet plans lacking soy protein foods cannot offer all of the same benefits.

Tabor says, “It goes without saying that there are not a lot of diet plans that offer the same level of health benefits as our soy based diet plans do. It is apparent that a well-balanced, diet plan that includes adequate amounts of exercise is a simple, delicious and powerful way to lose weight. That is exactly what we offer! Our products are carefully created to maximize the benefits you stand to gain and the weight you lose!”

Those who have used Revival’s soy products to lose weight and improve their lifestyles have nothing but praise for the company. Pat E. writes in a review, “I was waking up 3-4 times a night with night sweats. I would be so wet I would have to get up, dry off and change pajamas. My husband jokingly rolled over one morning and pretended to be swimming! I have tried so many things without any relief. I was desperate when I read your ad in a Magazine. I immediately placed an order. I received my order on July 3rd. Last night, Tuesday July 15th I slept through the night without waking up. I woke up dry and could make my bed without letting it ‘dry out’ or changing the sheets! I am placing another order for more products today.”

Those who want to learn about the full range of products offered by Revival Products should visit the company’s website for more information. Suzanne Tabor encourages interested parties to get in touch with the company via phone or email for any questions of concerns.

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Revival Soy is a brand of soy food and supplement products that help with many elements in health and fitness including the menopausal transition.

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