Revival Gives Community Quick Access To Top Soy Protein Bars

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Kernersville, NC based Revival Products Inc. is pleased to help their community find the right soy protein bars for their needs. Revival has a reputation for putting their customers’ health and convenience first, and this has led the company to develop a product that delivers on both fronts.

To illustrate why picking the right soy protein bar is so important, the company has published a blog post that explores how much nutrition is provided by conventional bars — and why the ingredients and formulation of their alternative was carefully tuned to do better. “A soy bar can be a delicious and convenient on-the-go meal,” the post says, “for those of us that seem to be constantly on the run. Soy bars can be a good source of protein, one that’s high quality and meets all of our protein nutrition needs. This makes the right soy bar perfect for many of us trying to make good dietary choices in our busy lifestyles. However, not all are created equal.”

Revival’s first piece of advice is for customers to read the label carefully the next time they go shopping for soy protein bars. The majority of products in this category, the company points out, offer less protein and less fiber than Revival’s option. Even products that have the recommended serving of protein, for instance, are likely to provide much less fiber. In most cases, a customer would have to purchase and consume multiple bars from such brands in order to reach the recommended intake (per meal) for these nutrients. In the post, Revival says they found products that did not offer enough of either of these nutrients, making them virtually useless for customers who are looking for nutrition on the go.

The post says, “Compared to Revival soy protein bars, these typical options simply don’t measure up. Every Revival bar contains 20 grams of soy protein (40% of your daily value), 5 grams of dietary fiber (20% of your daily needs) and 500 mg of calcium (50% of your daily value). That’s a lot of nutritional value wrapped in one delicious soy bar!”

Further, the company says some crucial nutrition value may actually be left out of the label — and customers would be hard-pressed to uncover all of it even if they looked up other sources, such as the brand’s official website. The information in question, according to Revival, has to do with the amount of soy isoflavones that are present in each bar. The company examined several products and found this information was simply not provided at all. Of those that did offer it, Revival found that the amount of soy isoflavones included was around a sixth of the amount found in a Revival soy protein bar. While the company acknowledges that the former is not terrible, they highlight the fact that their product is clearly superior, especially considering that it delivers more types of nutrition as well as an adequate amount of each for the average person’s needs.

Revival’s conclusion is that their soy protein bar provides greater nutritional benefits than many counterparts that can be found in a typical store. Certain specialty vendors may do better, but there are relatively few products of this standard that can be reached or purchased as easily as the Revival soy protein bar. Given the strength of its nutritional value, the company also points out that their soy protein bar can be used as part of a meal substitute in situations where the customer is running late or otherwise cannot take the time to get a regular meal for any reason. The company is proud to say, “They can make an excellent meal substitute (add a good multivitamin) if you are running late for work or they provide a great protein boost while hiking, biking, or doing any of your other favorite activities. It’s all in ‘the blend’. We were granted a patent for our unique blend in 2002.”

Revival is committed to sharing the benefits of soy products with their community, and the company has conducted extensive research into the subject over the years. Many have already discovered how helpful their products can be. For instance, Revival offers shakes for menopause relief, and these have proven to be extremely popular with older customers.

Revival has provided a full breakdown of their product’s nutritional information on their website (in addition to the label). Those interested are also welcome to contact the company via social media.

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Revival Soy is a brand of soy food and supplement products that help with many elements in health and fitness including the menopausal transition.

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