Greenserve Adds ATMOX Systems to Services Offered

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Greenserve, a crawlspace/ basement waterproofing and home performance business in Charlotte, NC, is pleased to announce that they have added ATMOX Systems to the services they offer after successfully completing the extensive training and certification program provided by ATMOX Systems. The ATMOX Controlled Ventilation System is designed to reduce the moisture levels in the crawlspace and protect the structure of the home. This system is made up of a combination of sensors, fans, and a computerized control panel to provide the appropriate ventilation using dew point comparisons.

What Is Atmox

ATMOX compares inside and outside conditions to effectively determine when air has to be exchange in the crawlspace or an optional dehumidifier should be activated. It is completely automatic after it has been installed and the fans will only be activated when the outside air has been determined to be beneficial in decreasing moisture and within the appropriate temperature. Greenserve employs the ATMOX System is combination with other vendor systems to provide a tailor-fitted solution to any crawlspace or basement issue.

Greenserve is committed to providing healthy basements, home energy solutions, crawl space repair, and solar energy systems. Crawlspace repair is provided for wet or musty smelling crawlspaces. The problem is that this can affect the entire home. More than 40 percent of the air in the first floor of a home comes from the crawlspace or basement. Thus, crawlspace repair, waterproofing, and encapsulation is necessary to protect the family’s health. A crawlspace is basically a small basement, and in homes with a crawlspace, it so happens that the living area is very close to the crawlspace and the unhealthy air and moisture tend to get inside the home.

Their Greenserve Advanced Energy Solutions are used to help their customers in Charlotte, Salisbury and Winston-Salem by getting to the main cause of the waterproofing issue. If there are problems with standing water, they will start by installing a perimeter drainage system before the encapsulation. Next, they will run this drainage system into their GrateSump™ Sump Pump System to get rid of the water from the crawl space. They may also use a DimpleShield drainage matting, which is a dimpled plastic material that may be placed on concrete floors and high footings when they’re doing crawlspace drainage repairs.

They may also used patented crawlspace vent covers to seal off any vents or areas where the external air may be able to get in. And then they will use their CrawlShield™ Encapsulation System to complete the process of sealing off the crawlspace. This patented crawl space encapsulation system will fully eliminate any vapors and odors that are emanating from the ground. It provides a layer of protection between the dirt floor and the home’s living space and this may help in reducing heating bills while making the living spaces in the upper levels more comfortable.

And finally, they can use a crawlspace dehumidification system after the area has been sealed off. This will ensure that the moisture level will be adequately controlled, ensuring that the relative humidity will be under 50 percent.

Started in 2014, Greenserve was originally known as G&S Quality Insulation and is currently a family owned and operated full service crawlspace/ basement waterproofing and home performance business. They have over 25 years of combined experience in providing custom-fitted waterproofing systems and effective building envelope solutions new home construction and retrofits of older homes and commercial buildings in Winston-Salem, Charlotte, and entire Piedmont Triad. They provide technical assistance with home performance problems regarding heat loss, moisture, and indoor air quality. They offer home energy assessments that employ infrared scanning, diagnostic equipment, and their own knowledge and experience in detecting problems and suggesting solutions. Once they have determined the various issues, they create a scope of work, provide assistance in getting rebates and tax credits, and then they solve the problem. The result is a home that is healthier, more energy efficient, and more comfortable.

Those who are interested in the ATMOX Systems and the various services offered by Greenserve can check out their website on contact them through the telephone or via email.

Atmox Controlled Ventillation System

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