GreenSERVE Offers Services To Get Rid Of Crawlspace Odors

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GreenSERVE, a business based in Salisbury, North Carolina, has announced that they are ready to offer their services to get rid of odors emanating from crawlspaces in homes. They point out that because of the summer heat, the high moisture content of the crawlspace environment is very conducive to wood rot and mold growth, which then cause foul odors to come from the basement or crawl space. To get rid of those odors, Greenserve can provide encapsulation and repair services for crawlspaces of homes in Charlotte, Winston-Salem and the whole Piedmont Triad, North Carolina.

Garrett Bean, principal at GreenSERVE, says, “A crawl space is essentially a small basement. In homes with crawlspaces, the living area is so close to the crawl space that moisture and unsafe air infiltrate the home, causing potential health hazards. At Greenserve Advanced Energy Solutions, we help our customers in Charlotte and Winston-Salem by getting to the root of the problem.”

Garrett also wants to point out that more than 40 percent of what people breathe on the first floor of a home emanate from the basement or crawl space. Because of this, it is vital to perform waterproofing and encapsulation for the crawlspace so as to prevent crawlspace odors and protect the family’s health.

The professionals from GreenSERVE will strive to get to the root of the problem before they start any work for a customer. The most common cause of the problem has to do with the crawl space drainage system, such that standing water is present. To solve this problem, they will install a perimeter drainage system before performing the encapsulation process. Next, they will run the drainage system into their GrateSump™ Sump Pump System to get rid of the water from the crawl space.

To help with crawl space drainage problems, GreenSERVE can also provide DimpleShield drainage matting, which can be used on concrete floors or high footings to help in drainage. Meanwhile, the company can also provide patented crawl space vent covers to seal any vents or areas where outside air may be able to get in.

To complete the sealing process for the crawl space, GreenSERVE professionals make use of the CrawlShield™ Encapsulation System. This is a patented crawl space encapsulation system to totally get rid of odors and vapors rising from the ground. It does this by establishing a layer of protection between the dirt floor and the home’s living space, which will also help in reducing the home’s heating bills, while make the upper level living spaces more comfortable.

After the encapsulation process has been completed, the professionals from GreenSERVE will install a crawl space dehumidification system, which will control the moisture level and bring down the relative humidity to below 50 percent.

Another service that can be provided is the installation of crawl space vapor barriers. Because the crawl spaces are found underneath the home, there is a strong possibility of a water runoff. In addition, crawl space floors are often dirt floors, which can serve as breeding grounds for mold when enough moisture is present. By installing this vapor barrier, a moisture protection layer is provided for the crawl space. This protects the structure from the negative effects of moisture, such as floor failure, mold growth, odors, dust mites, insects, and increased electricity costs. Moisture can also worsen certain conditions, such as hay fever, asthma, and other allergies.

GreenSERVE is a comprehensive waterproofing and home performance business that was founded in 2014. The people behind the company have more than 25 years of combined experience in offering custom waterproofing systems and effective solutions for building envelop systems for new construction and retrofits for old homes and businesses located in Winston-Salem, Charlotte and the whole Piedmont Triad. The company offers Home Energy Assessments using infrared scanning, diagnostic equipment, and their knowledge and experience to locate potential problems and suggest solutions. The result is a healthier, more energy efficient, and more comfortable home.

Those who are interested in the services provide by GreenSERVE, such as crawlspace repair, waterproofing, and ventilation can visit their website or contact them by phone.

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