Insurance Covered CGM Explains How Insurance May Cover CGM for Type 2 Diabetes

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Insurance Covered CGM, a MedSource LLC company, wants to inform people with type 2 diabetes that they can have their continuous glucose monitor (CGM) covered by insurance. The CGM is a device that can help a lot in managing the disease because it allows patients to monitor their blood sugar levels continuously without resorting to the painful and annoying test strips that require a finger-prick for each reading. The company can actually help patients purchase an insurance covered CGM. It will just take three steps for people to get their CGM from them: choose their CGM; provide their information including the state where they live in and insurance provider; and provide insurance details.

Keeping one’s type 2 diabetes in control is easier with a CGM and can help avoid complications. There are a number of benefits provided by using a CGM. First of all, it is possible to detect glucose trends, which means it is easier to manage important activities, such as eating, taking medication, and performing exercises. Second, it allows the patient to fully comprehend the impact of taking medication and the timing on blood sugar levels. Third, it is also possible to monitor glucose levels while sleeping, which is something that is impossible to do with the conventional test strips. Fourth, the patient receives real-time blood sugar level measurements every five minutes. And finally, the patient can be alerted for blood sugar level highs and lows so that the appropriate changes can be done quickly to avoid a more serious problem in the future.

 Insurance Covered CGM

For those who want to ask: does insurance cover CGM for type 2 diabetes, it actually depends on the kind of insurance that the patient has, but that is why Insurance Covered CGM exists. All that the patient has to do is fill out their Qualify Through Insurance form and they will do the rest. Their insurance specialists will be contacting their insurance provider to find out the requirements and then provide the paperwork on behalf of the patient. All that the patient has to do is chose the preferred CGM, indicate the state where the live and other important information, and their insurance details.

The two most popular CGMs on the market and which are available through Insurance Covered CGM are the FreeStyle Libre 2 and the Dexcom G6. The FreeStyle Libre 2 from Abbott has several features: long-life sensor that can be used for up to 14 days; no need to calibrate with a blood glucose meter; slim and water resistant sensor; simple insertion with an auto-applicator; FDA-approved sensor for wearing on the upper arm; personalized alerts for high glucose reading, low glucose reading, loss of signal between sensor and FreeStyle Libre 2 app or reader; and suitability for ages 4 and up. The FreeStyle Libre 2 app can run in a compatible smart device for easy monitoring of glucose anytime and anywhere.

The Dexcom G6 from Dexcom can also be used to monitor glucose levels continuously, during the day and at night. Glucose readings can appear on one’s smart device or the Dexcom G6 reader, as frequently as every 5 minutes. Features include: no need to calibrate with blood glucose meter; sensor for use up to 10 days; slim and water-resistant sensor; FDA-approved sensor for wearing on the upper arm, abdomen, and upper buttocks; ability to avoid interference from acetaminophen; one-button push insertion; customizable alerts; 20-minute advanced warning of a potential severe hypoglycemic event; and for ages 2 and above.

MedSource LLC, the parent firm of Insurance Covered CGM, was established with the main goal of allowing quality medical products and services to be available to patients as a way to help them get the best positive results and improve their quality of life. Specifically, they aim to provide the best possible patient care, a broad range of expertise, and the best service and support. They always do their best to make it as easy and as simply as possible for patients to obtain the home medical products and services that they need through insurance.

People who would like to know more about services provided by Insurance Covered CGM can visit their website, contact them through the telephone, or check out the frequently asked questions on their website.

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At Insurance Covered Continuous Glucose Monitors, our goal is to help diabetic patients get their continuous glucose monitor (CGM) and supplies covered by insurance.


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