Insurance Covered CGM Is Helping Diabetics Get the Blood Sugar Monitoring Devices They Qualify For

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Insurance Covered CGM is helping Americans cover the cost of continuous glucose monitoring machines through their health insurance providers. Patients suffering from Type I or Type II diabetes, who need those potentially life-saving blood glucose monitoring devices, are urged to find out whether they qualify for one, by visiting the Insurance Covered CGM website.

Continuous glucose monitoring machines constantly test a patient’s interstitial fluid to collect glucose data and detect dangerous spikes or drops that can be fatal to them. The devices don’t use any needles thus making them ideal for continuous operation. There are several sensors currently available on the market which are FPA-approved to be worn on different parts of the body. Higher-end models also come with high-tech features such as the ability to share glucose data with other smart devices such as smartphones or a remote central monitoring system that reports blood sugar level aberrations to a qualified medical practitioner.

The impact that CGMs have on a diabetic’s overall health has been extensively studied throughout the years. For example, a study published in June 2017 in the journal Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics reviewed recent studies that demonstrated improved glycemic outcomes associated with the use of CGMs. The study concluded that “CGM systems are safe and effective in both type 1 and type 2 diabetes and can improve quality of glycemic control, reduce risk of hypoglycemia, and permit selection of lower target levels for mean glucose and HbA1c.” The study investigated both open-loop and closed-loop systems and noted that CGM technology had improved dramatically over the five years leading up to its publication.

Insurance Covered CGM takes care of the paperwork that one needs to file with their insurance provider to fund a continuous glucose monitoring machine. On its website, the company has provided a simple form that can be filled in with information such as one of the 50 states where the patient lives and the details of their current insurance provider. Once the company receives the information, they will verify the patient's coverage and submit the required paperwork on their behalf. Finally, the company will ship the selected CGM directly to the patient once the request is approved by the patient’s insurance provider.

Insurance Covered CGM offers two of the latest and best CGM products: the Abbot FreeStyle Libre 2 and the Dexcom 6. Both the devices are designed with ease of use in mind and help the patient gain a greater understanding of the impact of their habits, such as food intake, sleep quality, and quantity of exercise, on their blood sugar levels. The FreeStyle Libre 2 and the Dexcom 6 are both covered under the plans offered by Medicare and the Department of Defense’s TRICARE.

The devices are FDA-approved and share many features such as eliminating the need for calibration with a fingerstick-based blood glucose meter, slim, water-resistant, long-life sensors, smart device connectivity, and customizable alerts. While the FreeStyle Libre 2 is made to only be worn on the upper arm, the Dexcom 6 can be worn on the abdomen and upper buttocks too. The sensors on CGMs must be replaced every 10 to 14 days.

MedSource LLC, the parent company that manages Insurance Covered CGM, has an aggregate rating of 4.6 out of 5.0 from 136 reviews on its Google Business Profile. Several customers describe the ease of working with the company in 5-star reviews by saying, “The entire process was super smooth and simple unlike a lot of insurance-related stuff. They were quick in communication replies and answered all my questions in detail,” “Such a great experience. No issues at all, great communication, and very quick delivery,” “Extremely patient, knowledgeable, and helpful staff. Overall, very positive experience,” and more.

Readers who want to browse through Insurance Covered CGM’s several social media profiles are welcome to visit the brand links to view its activity all over the internet. The company can also be contacted for assistance at (800) 510-5100 or

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At Insurance Covered Continuous Glucose Monitors, our goal is to help diabetic patients get their continuous glucose monitor (CGM) and supplies covered by insurance.


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