We Buy Houses Company In Atlanta Now Helping Homeowners Sell Flood Damaged Homes

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Athens, GA based We Buy Atlanta Properties is helping homeowners sell their flood-damaged homes. We Buy Atlanta Properties is a local, family-owned company that has proven themselves a reliable method for local property owners to sell their properties.

Scott Corbett from We Buy Atlanta Properties says, “More often than not, if you are looking to sell a house that has experienced some flood damage, the process is long, drawn out and painful. You need to spend a whole lot of money to fix everything before your house is in any shape to be sold — and when you do sell it, you are not even guaranteed to make a profit. With We Buy Atlanta Properties, you do not need to worry about any of that, because we will buy your home as is, flood damage and all.”

The real estate company believes that the key to the success of their house-buying business is making the selling process as easy as possible, giving each and every client great service, fair deals and a quick turnaround. After all, homeowners who are trying to sell a damaged property have enough stress to deal with, and the company makes a point not to add to that stress.

Corbett says, “We work with you, the seller, on a personal level and try to find the best solution that works for your situation. Whether you are selling a flood-damaged home or a perfectly normal home, we want to ensure that you get the deal you are looking for. We have worked with many homeowners who appreciate the work we do to eliminate the paperwork, time and fees required to sell a house through a real estate agent. Above all, we’re committed to helping you in a way that’s fair, ethical and honest.”

As the We Buy Houses company explains, selling property to their team is a straightforward process. The first step is to share some information about the property (mainly its current condition and the address) and have a quick conversation with one of their home buying specialists. Based on the information provided, the company will conduct some quick research and return with a fair cash offer within days, sometimes even on-site. With a database of over 155 million properties, We Buy Atlanta Properties’ proprietary algorithm will determine a cash offer for the home based on comparable sales, less repair and remodeling costs. If the seller approves of the offer, they simply need to pick a closing date and then get paid. We Buy Atlanta Properties will take care of all the paperwork so the sellers have nothing to worry about.

Corbett says, “Buying or selling a house is no simple decision, and we understand how impactful it can be. That is why we take great pride in offering creative solutions for people in all sorts of situations. Flood damaged homes are just one type of property we purchase; in the past, we have worked with homeowners who needed to sell a house quickly due to reasons like job relocation, repairs they did not want to pay for, unwanted or inherited properties and financial distress.”

With a cash house buying company like We Buy Atlanta Properties, homeowners can skip a lot of the formalities they would often have to deal with when it comes to realtors and sell very easily. As the company explains, if the house is in a very good condition and the homeowners have a lot of time to sell the house and are not under any pressure to do so, traditional estate agents may be the better choice. However, with such agents, it must be noted that there are fees and commissions involved (to the agent, real estate attorney and for other intermediary services).

Those who want to learn more about the full range of services provided by We Buy Atlanta Properties should visit the company’s official website. Scott Corbett encourages interested parties to get in touch with a representative of the company via email or phone. Those who are interested in learning more should check out the following link: Sell My House Fast.

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About We buy Atlanta properties :

Our house buying process is simple. The first step is to share some information about the property and have a quick conversation with one of our home buying specialists.

Contact We buy Atlanta properties:

Scott Corbett

523 Prince Avenue, Athens, GA, USA


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