We Buy Atlanta Properties Offers Help for Those Who Are in Foreclosure

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We Buy Atlanta Properties, a company based in Athens, GA, wants everyone to know that they can help homeowners in Atlanta and nearby areas who are behind in their payments to avoid foreclosure. To stop foreclosure, one approach is to sell the property to a house-buying company like them. The advantage is that the house buyer can pay off the home financing contract quickly so that the homeowners will not have a foreclosure record on their credit report, and hopefully, even gain sufficient cash that they can use to begin anew. More about this can be gleaned from

Scott Corbett, a spokesperson for We Buy Atlanta Properties, says, “People get behind on their mortgage payments for different reasons. The best thing to do is to deal directly with the situation. Don’t ignore it or hope the problem will just go away. For starters, try to stop the foreclosure process by contacting your home financing company. They may have options to help you get back on track. You can also try to sell your property to stop foreclosure, but a common challenge with that is that it can take a long time if you use a real estate agent, not to mention that you might be facing more costs and delays if the house needs repairs. That is why We Buy Atlanta Properties is offering an approach where they can pay off the unpaid monthly payments quickly and you may even possibly walk away with cash that you can use to start fresh.”

Another situation where We Buy Atlanta Properties can help a homeowner or property owner is when the house was inherited but it is inconvenient for the one who inherited it to use it. For instance, the house may be a long distance away from the owner’s place of residence or it may be in a state of disrepair and it would be very costly to have it repaired. The problem is that it is not advisable to leave a house vacant for a long period of time, thus, there is also the problem of finding a tenant or hiring someone to take care of the property. One possible solution is to simply sell the house as-is and quickly to We Buy Atlanta Properties. More about this can be gleaned from,

They want to point out that it doesn’t matter even if the house is not in good condition or if there are many homes for sale near the property of the home seller. They are interested in buying the property of those are interested in a quick cash sale, whatever the reason for selling, whether it is to avoid foreclosure, get rid of an unwanted home, or the homeowner is currently in a financial crisis. They will still be ready to help and ready to provide an offer within days. And while they can assure homeowners that their offer is fair, the homeowner is not obligated to take the offer. They also would like to point out that they are also willing to buy a house that is occupied by a tenant, even a tenant that is causing problems for the current homeowner.

An important feature of their house buying offer is that they will use their own cash to buy the property, which means that there would be no need to wait for the approval of a home financing agreement with a bank or financial institution. This allows them to buy a property within days.

We Buy Atlanta Properties is a family-owned and local Atlanta-based company that is ready to buy a house in any condition. The home seller gets the benefit of not having to pay any buyer closing costs or real estate commissions. It is possible to close as early as within seven days or in seven months if that is what the home seller prefers. Basically, they will be working around whatever schedule of selling the Atlanta home the seller prefers.

Those who are interested in selling their house quickly in as-is condition can check out the We Buy Atlanta Properties website at, or contact them on the phone or through email.

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About We buy Atlanta properties :

Our house buying process is simple. The first step is to share some information about the property and have a quick conversation with one of our home buying specialists.

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Scott Corbett

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