Wild World of History Explains What Parents Need to Know About Their Homeschooling Curriculum

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Wild World of History wants to stress the things that parents need to know before teaching their homeschooling curriculum for American history and world history. This homeschooling curriculum was developed based on Professor Larry Schweikart’s books. These are “A Patriot’s History of the United States,” which was written by Larry Schweikart and Michael Allen and “A Patriot’s History of the Modern World” in 2 volumes, also by Larry Schweikart and co-authored by Dave Dougherty. Professor Larry Schweikart has released a free e-book for parents and teachers on how they can become “exceptional history teachers.” He points out that teaching is actually a “learning process for both the student and the teacher” and that the parents or teachers will have to follow four basic principles, which are: being balanced and to understand their bias; teaching the big picture; being confident; and utilizing a variety of teaching methods.

The American History Course is made up of two parts. Part 1 traces American history from its establishment of the US in 1776 until 1877, which was the end of the Reconstruction. And it integrates the “four pillars” of American exceptionalism, which are: the mostly Protestant Christian religious foundation; common law; private property with written deeds and titles; and a free market economy. Part 1 is made up of 10 lessons with each one providing a full-length video. Included in these lessons are discussions regarding the character and nature of the American colonies and the shaping of American-ness with regards to habits, language, and culture. The lessons are as follows: Lesson 1: City on a Hill (1480-1707); Lesson 2: Colonial Adolescence (1707-1763); Lesson 3: Colonies No More (1763-1783); Lesson 4: A Nation of Law (1776-1789); Lesson 5.1: Small Republic, Big Shoulders (1789-1796); Lesson 5.2: Small Republic, Big Shoulders (1796 1809); Lesson 5.3: Small Republic, Big Shoulders (1809-1815); Lesson 6: The Promise and Perils of Jacksonian America (1815-1836); Lesson 7: Red Foxes and Bear Flags (1836-1848); Lesson 8: A House Dividing (1848 1860); Lessons 6-8; Lesson 9: The Crisis of the Union (1860-1865); and Lesson 10: Ideals and Realities of Reconstruction (1865-1876). Tests with answer keys are also provided. And a bonus is provided on how to teach history.

Part 2 of the American History Course picks up from Part 1 and traces what happened from after the Reconstruction until the modern era. Once again, it integrates the four pillars of American exceptionalism. Part 2 is made up of 12 lessons, which are as follows: Lesson 11: The West Lighting Out for the Territories (1861-1890); Lesson 12: Sinews of Democracy (1876-1896); Lesson 13: Building Best, Building Greatly (1896-1912); Lesson 14: War, Wilson, and Internationalism (1912-1920); Lesson 15: Roaring Twenties and the Great Crash (1920-1932); Lesson 16: Enlarging the Pubic Sector (1932-1940); Lesson 17: Democracy's Finest Hour (1941-1945); Lesson 18: America's Happy Days (1946-1959); Lesson 19: The Age of Upheaval (1960-1974); Lesson 20: Retreat and Resurrection (1974-1988); Lesson 21: The Moral Crossroads (1989-2000); and Lesson 22: Decline and Restoration: The Twenty-First Century (2000-Present). Tests with answer keys are also provided and tips are provided on how to teach history.

They offer a number of tips on teaching history. These are to: look for a great homeschool history curriculum; simplify discussions for students; use stories to make the lesson stick; emphasize learning with activities; help history hop off the page; focus on film; and review facts and relics.

Meanwhile, the World History Course is also provided in two parts. Part 1 is concerned with the origins of the modern world (from 800 to 1800) through the era of global European dominance (from 1800 to 1914). Part 2 focuses on the emergence of the modern world order (from 1880 to 1920) and ends with the lesson on the end of the evil empire and the rise of the new world order (from 1978 to 2019).

Wild World of History was founded in 2017 by Professor Larry Schweikart, America’s History Teacher, who promises to take the students and individuals of all ages on a wild ride by using his unique teaching method to better understand what happened in the past and how they helped in shaping things during contemporary times.

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Learn how to teach history using the tools that feature Professor Larry’s intellectually irreverent style. He has earned a #1 ranking with students by teaching history the way it should be: lessons based on the facts and historical citation.

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