Professor Larry's Wild World of History Is Inviting Parents Of Homeschooled Children To Discover The Ultimate Resource For Learning History

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Larry Schweikart’s The Wild World of History is an online resource of fact-based history homeschool curriculum and teaching materials. The courses designed by Professor Larry, who is also fondly known as America’s History Teacher, aim to be a fun, engaging, and interesting way of learning the history of America and the broader world through the lens of the Four Pillars of American Exceptionalism.

When asked about why he considers the course material crafted for The Wild World of History a cut above the rest, Professor Larry says, “From my perspective, history in American public schools is taught by banal rote memorization of disjointed facts that do not truly give the student an insight into the rich history of this great nation of ours. The deeper meaning behind the key points in America’s rise, key movements, and ideas that shaped the thought of its foremost leaders, and the rest of the modern world by proxy, are lost in a deluge of soulless recounting. My curriculum, on the contrary, has a ton of depth in terms of the nuanced discussions that it is capable of sparking in young, inquisitive minds and the kind of analyses it forces them to make. The “Four Pillars” of American Exceptionalism play a huge role in how the courses were designed because I believe that therein lies the definitive answer to why things turned out the way they did for the greatest nation in the world, from the very first day that the pioneers set foot on the virgin North American lands. On a personal note, I also firmly believe that those who don’t learn their history are doomed to repeat it. My courses ensure that when American students learn their history for the first time, they are given the full context behind every fact, that most other curriculums take for granted, allowing them to come to their own conclusions about what makes America truly exceptional.”

The Wild World of History has two signature courses – The American History Course, Professor Larry’s homeschool US history curriculum, and World History Since 1775, his homeschool world history curriculum. Both courses are currently being offered online for just $299 each.

The American History Course “traces American history from its founding through 1877, the end of Reconstruction. It incorporates the “Four Pillars” of American exceptionalism—a Christian, mostly Protestant religious foundation; common law; private property with written titles and deeds; and a free market economy—as they shape the early United States.”

The World History Since 1775 course “traces world history—Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the United States—from the pivotal year 1775 to the present in two roughly equally balanced halves. It incorporates the “Four Pillars” of American Exceptionalism, or, more accurately, the absence of these and the effects that this absence had on other parts of the world. It includes culture, politics, and economics of the major parts of the world.”

Parents who find the details of the courses intriguing can check out Professor Larry’s Try Before You Buy history curriculum samples for free. Professor Larry also presents the Wild Wednesday Webcasts, free live webcasts that dispense interesting, timely teachings weekly. The Wild World of History also offers a VIP membership that gives members access to the webcast’s replays as well as a bunch of other goodies.

Larry Schweikart is a tenured college professor who taught at the University of Dayton for 20 years and authored the book “A Patriot’s History of The United States”. Apart from his seminal work on the subject, he has also penned more than 25 other books, the New York Times #1 bestseller A Patriot's History of the United States. His teaching style has been described by his students as being irreverent. He claims to teach history the way it should be taught, based on facts and historical citations.

Professor Larry’s best-selling book, A Patriot’s History of the United States: From Columbus’s Great Discovery to America’s Age of Entitlement is the definitive objective history of our country, presented honestly and fairly.

Readers interested in obtaining the best history homeschool curriculum for their teenagers can head over to The Wild World of History website at: Website visitors can sign up for a free newsletter to get exclusive invites to history webcasts, freebies, discounts, insider information, and more.

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Learn how to teach history using the tools that feature Professor Larry’s intellectually irreverent style. He has earned a #1 ranking with students by teaching history the way it should be: lessons based on the facts and historical citation.

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