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Larry Schweikart Is Offering A Homeschool History Curriculum That Looks At World History Through A Fact-Based Lens

September 09, 2022
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Larry Schweikart, aka Professor Larry, the creator of Wild World of History, a fact-based history homeschool curriculum, is highlighting the key reasons why his approach to teaching and discussing world history, gives his students a deeper understanding of the broader world compared to other curriculums.

America, undoubtedly, has had a major role to play in global geopolitics and has left its indelible mark on how most world governments are structured and run today. However, even before the world was introduced to the ideas of freedom and liberty that America vehemently championed, there always existed several age-old forces, such as warring empires, religious tensions, and racial conflicts, that were constantly shaping and reshaping its history. Professor Larry’s World History curriculum, called “World History Since 1775”, collates this rich history and examines the reasons that led to key historical events.

Wild World of History’s World History course traces the history of Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America, and to some extent, the United States, from the pivotal year 1775 to the present. Like Professor Larry’s American History curriculum, this module also looks at the history of the world through the lens of the “Four Pillars” of American Exceptionalism. More accurately, the course examines the effects that the absence of these “Four Pillars” had on the rest of the world. The course presents a thorough analysis of the most important cornerstones of world history namely culture, politics, and economics.

The World History course has 15 units split over two parts. Part 1 of the World History curriculum has the tagline “Origins Of The Modern World Through The Era Of Global European Dominance,” whereas Part 2 has the tagline “Emergence Of The Modern World Through The Rise Of The New World Order.” The regular suggested retail price of the course is $399. The course can also be purchased as part of a bundle. Readers can also opt to download a free sample of the World History curriculum to examine the quality of the material before committing to a full purchase.

Larry Schweikart talks about how the World History curriculum differs from other similar offerings by saying, “In my World History course, I shine a light on the factual reasons behind major world-changing historical events without sugarcoating the failures of those civilizations. Looking at major civilizations before the founding of the United States makes it clear that they failed to reach their full potential or even succumbed in the face of adversity because their leaders lacked the iron will and foresight of our founding fathers. With the Wild World of History’s World History curriculum, students will come to appreciate the role that the ideas at the root of American exceptionalism played in helping America succeed where others failed. This in-depth understanding prompts students to examine and re-examine every claim that they have ever studied or will come across in the future. This focus on critical thinking forges students who have a firm grasp on the facts and can wield them effectively to make better decisions for themselves and those around them. My insistence on asking students to draw their own conclusions after an unbiased reading of the truth molds them into productive future citizens who learn from history’s lessons and work towards ensuring they are not made again.”

Larry Schweikart is a tenured professor and New York Times Bestselling Author who has penned over 25 books in his long and illustrious career. In 2012, Larry Schweikart, along with Dave Dougherty, proposed that the concept of American exceptionalism can be attributed to four main pillars - common law, virtue, and morality located in Protestant Christianity, free-market capitalism, and the sanctity of private property. In December 2020, Larry Schweikart was appointed to the Board of Directors of the National Board for Education Sciences by President Donald Trump.

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