Fleet Cost & Care Offering Commercial Fleet Management Software To Local Companies

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Fleet Cost & Care, based in Detroit, Michigan, is offering commercial fleet management software to local businesses. The software can be used by organizations of any size that are looking to streamline quotes, scheduling, maintenance, accounting and more. Data flows through the Fleet Cost & Care system via a step-driven process in each department.

Using the fleet management software, salespeople can quickly produce quotes for current customers or new prospects, pull in current customer information automatically or quickly enter in new prospect details. Staff can also customize quotes for the business, which helps standardize and simplify the quoting process. The software can also handle scheduling equipment and employees. As it is built by and for heavy equipment rental, Fleet Cost & Care’s system gives the user the power to view their resource schedules the way they want to see them. Job scheduling becomes simpler when a company knows exactly where their resources are scheduled to be and when. Many will attest that no other system is as comprehensive as the one by Fleet Cost & Care. A company’s entire service department can use the software to generate work orders, track all service activities, schedule preventative maintenance, log inventory and more.

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Notably, Fleet Cost & Care is more than just dispatch software. They offer the only comprehensive fleet operations system available. Renting heavy equipment involves much more than scheduling a job and dispatching equipment. With NexGen, a company can empower their employees and operations to run more smoothly — with limited interruptions and issues — leading to a more efficient and profitable business. With software for pricing, planning, dispatching, servicing, billing and reporting, Fleet Cost & Care assists equipment rental companies in streamlining their company operations. In order to reduce time, improve data accuracy and boost profit margins, their users might get rid of independent systems. All departments see increased production as a result of streamlining processes.

Similarly, heavy equipment rental companies can streamline and systematize their daily operations with the aid of fleet management software. The Fleet Cost & Care system can handle heavy machinery operations from beginning to end, from quoting and scheduling work to billing customers and carrying out payroll. In the long run, the business benefits from less time spent on administrative duties and more time spent on jobs that produce income. Additionally, it makes payment processing proceed more quickly.

Fleet Cost & Care has all a customer may require if they are looking for reputable fleet management software companies in Chicago. The customer will be able to save money and protect their staff moving forward with a strict system in place. These services are used by a variety of industries to compete with one another. Work vehicles are used by delivery services, oil and gas firms, utility contractors and repair and service businesses to visit clients and perform the necessary work. To ensure that multiple pieces of data are tracked daily, weekly and monthly, it is crucial to have an effective fleet management software setup.

Efficiency in transportation is crucial to the job. A good fleet management system can monitor fuel consumption and calculate how frequently tires and other engine parts need to be replaced. In reality, managers can use this information to fix deteriorated components rather than replacing them entirely, which saves money. Much can be saved annually with routine maintenance. A business can make some wise choices if they keep a record of the total expenses incurred by each vehicle for the week. Driver behavior can also be closely monitored by software services that have certain built-in features. A company should choose the fleet dispatch software that fits the size and scope of their fleet. Various packages are available for companies of different sizes, and adequate research should allow a customer to pick an option that works for them.

Fleet Cost & Care is affiliated with the JJ Curran Crane Company and benefits from 70+ years of experience in the area of fleet-related ownership. The team consists of many industry experts and insiders who have spent years working in the crane and rigging industry. Their software is being used by 40 of the crane companies listed in American Cranes & Transport’s Top 100 list at present. The company works with businesses all over North America, the Caribbean, Africa, Australia and New Zealand to help them achieve more from their fleets. Their website provides information about the services they offer, and they can be contacted via phone or email for any further inquiries.

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About Fleet Cost & Care :

Fleet Cost & Care offers the most comprehensive fleet management software & mobile app on the market. Serving customers worldwide since 1993, we help heavy equipment rental companies simplify and systemize their day-to-day operations.

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